Luzers - Soundisk

Started by Jazzcat, February 07, 2020, 20:11:41

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Someone dug out an ancient Luzers music disk from 1990 named Soundisk:

Some of Pavelo tracks from this disk are missing here on AMP and it would be good if you could rip them when you have a sec :)


I would expect them to appear shortly as the disk appeared recently on Kestra, with the modules ripped as well.



Thanks for reaching out and tell us about it !
I usually wait for the next batch of musics from Curt Cool when he handles a Kestra/Janeway prod, but I guess that's OK here :)
So, all musics added. Yes, all. The MOD.suprebass we already stored was ~80kb bigger and 6 seconds longer. So, it's added as an alternate version.

Thanks again !