Come back Jens Brun by Loaderror & olbaiD

Started by Axxy, March 10, 2020, 20:27:26

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Added today 10/03/2020

Come back jens

Is that correct, cos it suspiciously looks like Diablo backwards in the text credits?


Well, the name is backed up by the Distance 1999 result file and the diz coming with the music.
However, I also immediately noted the reversed name. I went to search for a Diablo what would be in the same group as LoadError over time. Came up empty.

My guess : it's a fake name to enter yet another music in the compo by LoadError :)
Could be wrong, but ...



I'd be surprised if it was by LoadError as I don't know of any mods by him in .it format? He also looks like amiga only modules to be fair. No Diablo on AMP working in .it mods either.

I do have a number of modules by a Diablo, in .it format from Hungary, not on AMP, mostly with someone called Hypnotic (also looks like from Hungary too).

And also, what kind of alias is Olbaid, doesn't look right or even sound right?

D'ya know if LoadError still active?