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Started by jegougou, November 19, 2009, 11:18:27

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Hi guys, a new Amigavibes podcast was born !

100% Music 100% Demoscene tunes.

This is the tracklist (amiga,c=64,cpc 6128) :
Angels - Sunrise
Chrysis&Poseidon - The Breath of the Muse
BudBrain - MegademoII
The_Black_Lotus - Perfect_Circle
Nerve_Axis - Relic
Crionics&Silents - Hardwired
Scoopex - Mental_Hangover
Mad_Elks - Technological_Death
Sanity - Roots2
Polka_Brothers - No_Name
Crest - Ice Cream Castle (C=64)
Oxyron - Natural Wonders (C=64)
The Judges - Think Twice (C=64)
Vanity - Boules et Bits (CPC)

Click here for direct download

Tell me your opinion about this.


[url=]Amiga Vibes Demoscene podcast[/url]


Geez this is cool. I am gonna download that right away.

thanks pal!


[url=]Amiga Vibes Demoscene podcast[/url]