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Started by Asle, April 21, 2020, 11:25:13

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Hello all,

Amongst the various material that was uploaded in recent weeks, there is this archive sent by Dave Simmons. It should be noted as it went by the book - i.e. we got a nice archive with a small note that described authorship and source. There's a nice little story included which I'm sharing to all :

Quote[...] it's currently the Covid19 lock down in the UK and i've had some spare time to resurrect my Amiga A3000.
Long story short, i lost most of my data through a hard drive failure but i've managed to salvage a few of my old
Pro/Noise/Soundtracker mods. I wasn't exactly part of any group at the time but i was credited as Dwain Dibley by the guys
who used them.

The first group of 8 mods were used on 2 'test' demo disks that probably didn't get released, the second group of 3 mods
are unused/unnamed mods. I believe they were all written between 1988/1989.

So thanks, Dave ! Really appreciated :)

Also, we keep receiving several times the same files again and again and again and again ... So thanks to whoever feeds us with this Polish material, really. It's great but you don't have upload it multiple times. It'll get processed eventually.



More analysis about the uploaded material:
MODULE1.MOD (333678) - stolen music from XTD
MODULE3.MOD (99998) - stolen music from Bartesek