Amiga Music demo displaying Denon amplifier

Started by Renault, April 22, 2020, 16:52:50

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I am looking for the name (and for the adf if you got it) of a music demo displaying a Denon amplifier with waveform, maybe Around 4 tunes (one disk or two), around Between 90 and 94 I would say...

Thanks !


AMP is more aimed at the tracker module music rather than amiga demoscene productions themselves.

The actual productions are more likely to be found on these more relevant sites.

But, maybe, someone might remember the disk you mentioned, so try posting on (request.Demos forum).


Wanted to answer all that but didn't get the time.
Thanks Axxy.
And personally, this doesn't ring any bell at all.
---- let me rephrase that:
There are many music demo with amplifier displayed. I just don't recall any with waveforms.



No, but this is the concepts, with more accurate graphics, I found that too, but this is also not the right one :

The one I look for, got 4 tunes I think, and you can tweak the volume button, plus i think some more, I think there are mor waveform kind....