Hello World!

Started by Crimabs, September 21, 2020, 04:26:22

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Hello there.  :)

My name is Crimabs, i'm from asia, and i'm new here!
during this year, the amiga demoscene interested me during these hard times, and i'd like to take part of it sometime, such as making music on trackers  ;D.

Recently my favorite musicians are Timer, Slice and of course Echo.
My favorite songs from them are, Astral Projection, Astronomic Track 1 and last but not least... Jesus on E's!

I wish to make great music and be recognized like them!  ;D

But anyway, if anyone sees this, nice to meet you, and also leave a message if you'd like to chat!

Signing off, Crimabs

Shine on you~


Welcome to the forum Crimabs and you have good taste in Amiga music for sure. :)