Blocked downloads.

Started by Axxy, September 27, 2020, 12:00:36

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As from today, it seems that Google has decided to block all downloads from AMP.... wtf??

It seems zipped module files are now considered dangerous. When and what has changed since the day before or all the years where this hasn't been a problem, I have no idea. I haven't made any changes to anything, so why now????


No pb here - both public and admin front end.
Wouldn't it be a browser issue ? I'm using FF on Winblows (81.0 apparently)


Seems Chrome no longer likes unknown or not commonly downloaded files from AMP. I've noticed this more and more recently with anything demoscene related.  I have had the same happening with Scene Org on and off.

What I don't understand is what has changed since the day before yesterday, I haven't changed anything, Chrome still the same version as Friday. It's not like a data file like a module is dangerous or anything?


Just to add, both and Pouet are doing the same. Is the Demoscene being targeted or something?  :'(


Maybe it is a good idea to think about switching the browser.