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OK, I'm wondering about the author of four ProTracker files I have here: 'thomsong1', 'thomsong2', 'thomsong3' and 'thomsong4'.  They certainly sound as if they were written by the same person.  The filenames are, respectively, 'germ', 'claves', 'popcorn' and 'stealth'.  The nature of 'popcorn' should be obvious!

I haven't managed to find any of them on this website.  None of them contain any indication of their authors, so it may have flouted that rule if somebody tried to upload them, but otherwise does anybody know anything about these?

I haven't found the author. At first, I thought those was songs from a game that somehow, was titled #?thom#?. So, It's not :
- St. Thomas (sidmon v2 by Hans-Hermann Franck)
- Tearaway Thomas (David Hanney's own format)
- Thomas The Tank Engine (PTK by Paul Tankard)
- Thomas The Tank Engine 2 (PTK by Paul Tankard)
- Thomas The Tank Engine's Pinball (PTKs by Aquafresh)
- Typhoon Thompson in Search for the Sea Child (unknown synth format)

Went through all these :). So, it's something else or another game I've not found (might be from another platform than Amiga). Are those Protracker files or Soundtracker files ? Might give a clue of the release date.


They've been converted to an Acorn specific format, unfortunately, so I have no idea what their original format was.  However, the samples used (monobass, synbrass and all that lot) and the fact that none of them go over sample 15 suggests Soundtracker.

I've converted the first one to ProTracker and attached it here - let me know if you have any thoughts.

hum .. no, I can't say it rings a bell. In fact, I've found all four Protracker are on modland (- unknown/ directory), so I could listen to them.
I've run another check on Exotica in the list of game by "unknown" author -> nothing came up.
Could be some demo zik too, though Kestra has nothing to report :(.

The search goes on :)



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