1st Public Domain Release of Grad. Fonts for RSI Demo Maker Series

Started by Yomaru_Kasuga, November 10, 2020, 07:29:16

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These are the additional fonts that replicated from Microsoft Windows.
Gradient image must be in linear downwards only.
Any color you like to make.
No outlines, and no shadows of these fonts.
Try it and see what is imaginable such like classic.

Download of these floppy disks of
Grad Fonts for RSI Demo Maker #1 ~ #5
Available on public domain release in
November 9, 2020







To import the 32 point fonts from RSI Demo Maker,
Just insert the labeled "RSI Demo Maker" disk,
followed by the disk into the drive DF1,
then select the fonts to load [27 in 1], and enjoy.

We will decide to making a vlog about "How to replicate fonts to RSI Demo Maker",
by November 27, 2020 @ 9pm PST, on "Stuff Time" from Yomarumon Dreams' YouTube Channel.
we will see you soon!

The link is available before on date:


For Instructions about this topic, please scroll down.


How To Replicating Fonts to RSI Demo Maker?

01. On your phone, go to browser,and search "Limbo PC Emulator App", tap the link title.
02. Click Download Button to get a file from website
03. Then your download is being ready.
04. Download all of these stuffs for the following...
RGBBGF.IFF - https://www.mediafire.com/file/maupb2vmax7pzdh/RGBBGF.IFF
FONTHACK.IMG https://www.mediafire.com/file/l8n0yng2s6tgbx7/FONTHACK.IMG/ (Updated on March 13, 2022)
AMIGAHD.ZIP - https://www.mediafire.com/file/dyq11voym1697pq/AMIGAHD.ZIP
05. Go to Google Play Store, then install three apps for the following... (ZArchiver, Hacker Keyboard, UAE4ARM)
06-07. Open the ZArchive App, on your downloads folder, first is install Limbo PC Emulator App
08. Extract from AMIGAHD.zip by copy the folder named "DH0", then paste it to entire directory of your SD Card or Internal Storage.
09. Move your file named "FONTHACK.IMG" to your entire directory of your SD Card or Internal Storage.
10. Move your file named "RGBBGF.IFF" to your directory is "DH0/Files/".
11. Go to browser, then type the website is "onlinewebfonts.com".
12. Search the font keyword you want to desire.
13. Click the thumbail selected of any font variants.
14. Scroll down to download button to condisering the link mirror downloads, then save it to your downloads folder.
15. Extract the zip file to tap "Extract file within the archive name".
16. On your entire ditrctory, Create the folder named "VVFAT".
17. Then Move your font file from folder named of your font inside to your directory "VVFAT".
18. Open the Hacker's Keyboard App, and read instructions that how to enable Hacker's Keyboard as it follows.
19. Download your Kickstart Version of A500 at the Amiga Museum Titan website.
20. Open the UAE4ARM app. Then made your settings as it follows on the screen.
21. Open the Limbo PC Emulator. Then made your settings to prepare, and start emulation, as it follows.
22. At the Windows 95 on Limbo PC Emulator, Open the My Computer, Browse and Access to External Hard Drive D:,
    then select all font items. Right-click, then copy.
23. Open the Fonts Folder at your desktop, right-click then paste.
24. Open the bitmap-image file "BLANKFNT.BMP". to start at the Windows Paint.
25-26. Use texting tool, then select the text areas at your different position.
27. Select the font and font size to fit over 30+ pts., then type the keyboard in the square area.
28. If the letter Q & W doesn't fit in any font variants, decrease your font size in a little.
29. If any characters doesn't fit of your font, decrease font points.
30. Move your font letterings into your correct order of your character mappings.
31. Save your file as your directory of your choice, put the file name within 8 characters in all capital letters.
32. Open the Pictview app for your imaging tools.
33. Select on your highlight choice of your image file, press F2 key to convert and select IFF.
34. Then delete your original file as .bmp, then esc key to quit.
35. After that, go to directory of C:\PICTVIEW, select the image file that you picked, right-click then copy.
36. Then paste into external drive D, and Shut down the PC emulator.
37. Next, on your directory of VVFAT, delete all necessary files as .ttf except .iff to uncheck that one.
38. Picked one file and hold to move the directory to DH0:Files.
39. Open the UAE4ARM app, load your config file and start.
40. Double-click the icon of the Amiga's Internal Drive, then open AmigaShell.
41. On your DOS command, please open the app of DeluxePaint 3, by typing it for the following: dh0:progfiles/dpaint/dpaint.
42. Select the resolution screen to low-res 320*200 and set NTSC.
43. Load your iff file located at the DH0:Files/ and import.
44-45. If your iff file is bad forming to error-like bugs, please make your way to think about to revising the image file.
46. Go to ZArchiver App, Find the iff-image file to DH0/Files, then move back to directory of your external storage /VVFAT.
47. Go back to the step number 21.
48. At the Windows 95 on Limbo PC Emulator, double-tap the icon of My Computer, and browse to access Drive D:.
49. Tap one file, right-click the icon using a down volume button and select copy, and paste to the directory C:\PICTVIEW.
50. Next, go to Pictview App, and convert back to .bmp image file.
51. Go to Windows Paint, and open the file as directory to find located C:\PICTVIEW.
52. Recorrect the font letterings and bearings by repeating back to number 26 & 29.
53. You can fix font bearing inside the square area of a font within more than or less than 30 minutes, then save a file as you wish.
54. Repeat as the same as number 32 to 34.
55. Leave the iff-file on your directory of Pictview folder for a few minutes, and then repeat as the same as number 37.
56. Go to ZArchiver app, on your directory of /VVFAT, move your file to DH0/Files
57. Repeat as the same as number 40 to 44.
58. Set the color palette to black, and use bucket tool.
59. Press F10 key to ease or lifting the menu and painting tools
60. Then, clear the blue borderlines.
61. Press F10 key to unease the menu and painting tools.
62. Right click or double finger tap the icon of square filler, and set the fill type to tint.
63. Spread the color stop lines as a gradient except one at the upper left corner.
64. Right click or double finger tap the icon of square filler, and set back the fill type to solid.
65. Use move requester instead of copying.
66. Right-click to double finger tap to set the color palette yellow.
67. Repeat back to step 59, and select the highlighting areas of a picture to copy.
68. Repeat back to step 61, load a picture to DH0:Files/RGBBGF.IFF
69. Slowly to place the image to dip font all font letterings.
70. Press letter b key on your virtual keyboard to use move requester.
71. Repeat back to step number 67.
72. Repeat back to step 61, load a picture to DH0:Files/ to your file name as Font title.
73. Erase or Remove the color stop lines as a gradient using a line or a paintbrush.
74. After that, save and overwriting file.
75. Go to browser or Google Chrome. Search "IFF Converter Alcatraz & Kefrens".
76. Then select the highlight of your choice by clicking the link to janeway.exotica.uk
77. On a web page of Kestra Bitworld, scroll down and see the download information, then click the blue link to get a file.
78. Go to web page at amigamuseum.emu-france.info, located at the ADF section (which are the old Amiga Software available to download).
79. Scroll down to see "Red Sector Demo Maker 1.0" or "Red Sector Demo Maker 1.1", to download a file.
80. At the download folder, your file "Alcatraz&Kefrens-IFFCon135.bin" should be renaming to your file extension from .bin to .dms.
81. Select all files to move the directory to Android/data/atua.anddev.uae4arm/files. (Create the directory named Software)
82. Then go back to the UAE4ARM app, then load your configuration file.
83. Then tap the floppy drives at the left corner of a tree,
    First, import the floppy disk by tapping triple period button, and select the file "Alcatraz&Kefrens-IFFCon135.dms", and then start.
84. When the screen appears to reveal the software is IFFConverter 1.35, change directory from DF0: to DH0:, then tap readdir.
85. Then, select files (from directory), and select your iff file that you made, and then load.
86. Precise the x and y position by starting from 0. Don't forget to turn on the ctrl key at the virtual keyboard.
    Tap and hold mouse and select the areas to crop the picture, to pause cropping, press any key on your virtual keyboard, and press down key,
    hold the mouse continuously and release the mouse to stop position to 320*192.
87. Then, select the file to overwrite the old file, and save file. Then press F12 to go back the UAE4ARM app settings.
88. Next, press eject button of your floppy disk and chaning by tap the triple period button, and select the file "Red Sector Demo Maker 1.0.adf", and then reset the emulator.
89. Screen appears to reveal software. Import the 32 point fonts to the directory: DH0:Files/ and select iff-file as your font that you want.
90. Then go to the pattern editor. Insert Pattern of Screen Mode followed by the Textscr32, and made your pattern settings that you like for.
91. Scroll down to ScrollText Bottom by editing the text.
92. Remember. Your keyboard must be customized lettering position. At the center corner of a keypad is Y instead of Z, and the bottom-left corner of a keypad is Z instead of Y.
    Type your text that you greet for, and test your demo.
93. Exit the UAE4ARM app, and go to the ZArchiver app.
    Locate the directory of external storage /Android/data/atua.anddev.uae4arm/files/blankdisks, grab a copy of empty1.adf file to /Android/data/atua.anddev.uae4arm/files/software.
94. Rename your file from empty1.adf then type your file name within 3 characters of initials as your name, underscore, and your font name.
95. Repeat as the same as the step number 82, and then start emulating.
96. Move your mouse and tap the icon of your disk, and inintalize your disk for a few seconds. Open the DH0: and AmigaShell.
97. Then type for the following... copy dh0:files/ your file name *space* df0: and hit enter.
98. Once you done transferring, press F12 key, and eject the floppy disk.