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No downloads now at all?

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OK, just to resurrect this post and update on it.

It seems not just Google Chrome continue to have this problem but other browsers using this technology are reporting similar traits. This was never about just this site but many sites, outside what some people I presume call "mainstream"...

After trying various work-arounds from many sources, which never worked by the way, as they always do!

Anyway, I was getting rather p!ss€d as every site that had downloads was beginning to stop downloading by clicking a link. I came across this little snippet, can't remember where (sorry). Entering "chrome://settings/content/insecureContent" into Chrome takes you to an option where I can add various sites so it shows "Not secure" in the address bar of Chrome. This now allows me to download from links (by not blocking) them :)

To me, it's a hidden option because it doesn't seem to show up in Settings anywhere. I still don't see why Chrome needed an option like this, with no way to toggle it or off (common-sense approach) or even notification that an option like this was even happening. Just bung it in one of the updates, no one will notice >:(

Also, they offer no advice on this option, don't even mention this as a fix to allow downloads to happen as normal, even when responding to help questions on their own forums.


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