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i cant found a compilation with just the game theme songs.
I only found compilations which thounds of MODs. Example: Game A Level 1 Level 2 aso
Does anybody have a compilation with just the Main Theme songs of the most popula games ?

Like these

Would be awesome.



That's quite an extensive list. If any of those are in mod files, you should be able to find them here (Amp), Modarchive or even Modland if the mods contain the game name in the filename, else you'll need to hunt them down.

You could also try
Change the platform to Amiga in the drop down and look for those particular games.

The other problem you might have is, if the tracks are not in module format, Modland is the better option as it contains many other custom/exotic formats from the Amiga.

I'm not sure if sites like Demozoo or Kestra carry game modules (copyright issues), but Asle will be better to answer that. There are probably other sites that may archive what your looking for though.

Happy hunting!

Hi there

many thanx for reply my post ...
I need MOD Files cause Hoffman inspred me with AMIGA Djing.
Got tons of music on different genre but last thing i need to mix up
is to get a collection with the best game soundtrack themes and cracktunes.

I will go for hunt on your listeted site.
A lot of people thrown out collections but less is more thats why im searching for
just the Themes :)

Many thanx


for Amiga game music, the best source is Exotica :
Only Protracker game music ?
Or Noisetracker ?

Hopefully this helps

Thanx alot for the links.
I'll have a Look on it.

Kind regards


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