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And just to add to Asle' post, there is also a web front-end for Modland at Exotica so it's possible to search the ftp site through a browser.

If your familiar with ftp, Modland better accessed via a ftp client for download purposes. The good thing about Modland, the folders are sorted by format/artist, so protracker modules easy to find if you know who made the tune.


--- Quote from: Asle on August 07, 2022, 20:06:18 ---for Amiga game music, the best source is Exotica :
Only Protracker game music ?
Or Noisetracker ?

Hopefully this helps

--- End quote ---

How do i download from Exotica ? There are LHA FIles but the dont download


LHA pretty much the Amiga standard for compression along with Powerpacker/zip. I should imagine Aminet if your using real hardware (amiga) or emulating, pretty sure LHA is on there.

If your using Windows based machine, most stuff like Winzip/Rar automatically handles lha compressed files I think as I haven't had an issue with Lha files for years.

On Exotica, I have to right click on the download and 'Save link as' to download any files, I am on a Windows PC, so nobodies perfect!!  :o

Hi there

almost finished...
Got the very best OST in my archive. Too bad that some gamemusic as MOD could not be found in the whole www.
But this are just less ones.

Next archiv is for the best cracktunes.... what a work but worth it.

Thanx for the tips and links.

Kind regards


This AMIGA Exotica search engine is so powerfull.
Search via Group, name of the demo or game and even just the MOD name is possible.
Thanx so much.


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