Started by Axxy, August 31, 2022, 16:03:29

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Thought I'd re-upload my Module List as it's been quite awhile since I last did an update. Can someone replace the list in the download section with this new version please.

New total now stands at 155,477.

Lots of new entries
Lots of edits

Biggest change, I spent 6 weeks generating a NEW list from scratch. Not that long ago I discovered a flaw in the list, not sure when or even how it happened, but no matter how I tried, could not recover it sufficiently enough to carry on with it, even from the many backups I had. It was a real pain in the ass!

During compiling the new list, I checked for possible import errors and hopefully the data is ok, at least I'm happier with where it is now, than a couple of months ago. It has everything I had waiting to add since the the old list got deleted, quite a few recent edits and new entries, up until adding the entries from Nova 2022 (about 2 hours ago)..

I uploaded the list to ftp using Modlist_2022-155477.zip


Thanks for your hard work!