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New features / Download basket
August 24, 2009, 18:29:41
Monty wrote in a separate request, "my idea was to implement a download basket you can fill with mods and receive later by email in one big archive."

This idea by Monty really caught my eye. Because, a download basket is something I would really love to see here on AMP!

Wouldn't it be great to have some sort of a download basket you could add songs to? With a simpler way of downloading songs from different composers etc, maybe even "download all" feature from artists?
Compress it as a zip file and just download. That would have been really nice, instead of clicking on each link for each song, which is a couple of hundred links to click if you want to download all the songs by Lizardking.

Anyway, a download basket would be really nice!

Either this is something you have historically exclude (maybe because other sites like already have it), or just the timing to implement stats and comments has not been right yet.

Personally, I like ratings and stats. And also the ability to leave comments on others work. And I would very much like to see that even here on AMP per song and artist.

However, it should be implemented without messing the layout too much (which other sites kind of failed doing).

I like the speed and simplicity in how things are listed and presented at AMP, but it would be also very nice if these features could be implemented without making too much impact.

Cheers Magnar
On the main page news section, there is a note that you've got pictures from the LCP party online. But, where exact do you have these pictures hidden?
I cannot seem to find the gallery page or something with it. Can you please post a link to it (in the news section topic stating the lcp pictures being online).

Cheers Magnar
Who, where, when? / Hi twice :)
August 10, 2009, 23:00:24
Here is a shout out from Lizard / TBL! :)

Main interview can be read here:

Currently working on a C64 demo (coding+gfx+music), also working on a new homepage (code+gfx+music). Some (music) involvement in a Amiga demo project - that sadly might end up unreleased if the coders don't wrap things up. Starting to get involved in making music for a Amiga port of good old Turrican to Nintendo DS. Might contribute in a new Amiga Slideshow with a good old fashion Protracker module. And working on a few Flash website games (code+gfx+music). Besides all that, composing a lot of different tracks for a future planned PC music disk (concept is ready, lacking some code+gfx atm). And, trying hard to get a few dance/trance tracks released through labels to webshops etc.

Life is good! :)

Cheers Magnar