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Who, where, when? / Re: OctaMED - Amiga Junglism
April 02, 2011, 23:51:20
would anyone actually download them if i did? i can put a few together and send them to you. just tell me where

latest up to the tube  -
Music database / more octamed beats
April 02, 2011, 23:10:08
posted 3 new tunes i made on octamed.

where do i send it?

what you gonna do with it?
I used octamed v4 to re edit the original mod. i didnt compose the melody, it was originally composed by sun of dreamdealers.
I just altered it slighty to fit a beat in. it has since evolved on my HD and has a few extra samples in.

I fixed the Soundcloud link, you could down it from there. i upped it as .wav
if not, where do i send it and what format?

hope it dont enfringe any copyright.
 That Road Rash Cracktro music. . . . Slighty manipulated using OctaMED V4
i remember the game well as it was actually quite good but who else found themselves just loading disk 1 to listen to the music on the amazing cracktro by Skidrow.

i recently aquired the mod (last year) and just manipulated it slighty.

Links below.

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Who, where, when? / Re: OctaMED - Amiga Junglism
February 03, 2011, 01:39:42
OctaMED production Links
heres some links to my octamed stuff. (old page)

all the audio is done on 4 channels. the stuff was done between 1990 and last week.

some of it is downlaodable too.

Who, where, when? / OctaMED - Amiga Junglism
February 03, 2011, 01:37:34
Been using med since 1990 and im still tracking beats. /
OctaMed V4 is my tracker of choice by far

My current set up is....

A1200 3.1 ROM using OS 3.1 with 4GB Compact Flash HD & Apollo 1230 Accelerator (32MB Ram) overclocked @ 40Hz
A500+ 2mb Ram with GVP HD+8 HD 2mb Ram (used this for many years)
Stereo Master Sampler Cartidge and software

i have stuff on youtube if antone wants some nostalgic and truly unique breaks.

Hopefully i can preserve some of music, being made on an amiga or 2.

hello and goodnight.

Amiga Junglism