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Crown-I have send 'czerwonyjudasz_mods.tgz' file now an your email.
Yes. I find something. Crown - where I can send my selected mods???
Yes under Amiga Protracker 2.3 only in 4 Channel Mode. Handle? None. Then I was just 15 year old. And I treat this like a good play. Probably then in Poland was active several groups of Amiscene. I don't know? Maybe I find something about Amiscene in Poland on AMP forum. I was just a kid. I think that the people in West-Europe have much better start in this topic. My brother bought Amiga600 for~6.800.000zł in 94'. It was astronomical purchase price. By the way-if it's possible I can soon upload my mods like
non-associate performer:? with aka czerwonyjudasz ???
Who, where, when? / Hi Everyone
November 08, 2009, 19:12:10
Hi Everyone
I'm 28 Year Old. Call me here czerwonyjudasz. Three things was very important for me -my Amiga600HD, Mortal Kombat & Protacker.
Now I keep ACID-TRAXX REC. & I want back to the roots. When I find my old MOD-traxx & I install TV set in my room.

All the Best For All Community Members