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Music database / Re: dreamfish - ocean loader
June 28, 2015, 18:04:30
 ??? neither have I... The timestamp of the file on my first PC backup says it's from September 1992... which might be a screwed clock but would fit into the time I actively used my a500. The *.mod suffix would speak I renamed it when I switched to my first P90 and Linux.

I doubt I ripped it myself, though i did rip back them. So either I was given it or I found it on my Aminet set CDs (have to go to hunt for them on my attic to make sure) or as demo tune accompanying *trackers or Amiga modplayer disks I transfered as adf, when I started toying around with UAE. I really don't know.
Music database / dreamfish - ocean loader
June 28, 2015, 10:05:18
Hi Asle,

maybe something interesting for you. It seems there's at least three different versions of Hoffmann's/Dreamfish's oceanloader.

your one hosted AMP:
#dreamfish / trsi

the one on Modland: loader.mod
#dreamfish / dcs

and a shorter one I had in my collection, which I don't know where I got it from:
#dreamfish / dcs

Patternorder and usage of effects also differs. heh, at first I thought I b0rked our modplayer for uade with my recent changes for pt1.1a replay support
Music database / Re: emax - magical state...
June 26, 2015, 05:40:45
thanks for clearing up, Asle!

Strange, but it seems they must have hex-edited it after having saved in protracker. iirc there's a 1024 on both mods at the same position, so syncing might be a reason.

For now I'll ignore 0x400 when parsing note periods. Seems to work.
Music database / Re: emax - magical state...
June 25, 2015, 12:36:23
same for Emax/swe -> MOD.Musiklinjen

Music database / emax - magical state...
June 24, 2015, 15:57:33
Hi Asle,

Not sure what to make out of this... I was checking "Emax - Magical state" and even though the author stated it is done with pt11a it seems to have 2 note
periods beyond (good and evil... err;) the ones Amiga Protracker had. [pattern 14, ch 4, row 7 + 9]

Is it a disk rip? Or was it edited and resaved?

Something similar with one of Reed's mods (hot buttered iirc), which has also non amiga noteperiods just off the limit...
Audio Trackers & Players / Re: 4champ news
June 23, 2015, 19:16:31
Hi florist,

if you are interested in tunes for testing the replays you are using feel free to check my uade test repository. I'm putting some 4ch Amiga mod files online, which extensively use Protracker effects, bug and features to check support of different mod engines:

all the best at Assembly,

mld/uade team
Requests / Re: Stonecracker & p61
June 21, 2015, 18:58:02
sorry to resurrect an old thread.

our amigadepacker should handle S404/SQSH/MMCP/PP20 files...
Ah, ok... thanks a lot. On other news based on modplug's period tables I think I now have that periodtable for mods with very high notes fixed. :-)

/e:argh, there's always, always, always the one Mod, that's breaking it... *sigh* I think some of the finetune values for the extended octaves are still a bit off... *sigh* Back to the beginning...
The only one I came across so far was the chimare cover by Delazy...

Thanks for tip! I found a default table for modplug. Seems I have to check how to adapt it for the finetunes now.

Btw. just need another opinion... A mod with only capital letters in modname, intruments and filename, but otherwise no special features... - What would you say... PC-Tracker?
ok, some follow-up... I'm came upon a mod by delazy which uses pretty high notes... ;-)

I knew there were extended periods in FT but I didn't know they can even exceed these... Tried now to calculate those periods but I think I screwed up somewhere, so if someone has valid values (or a script to calculate them right) for all 8 octaves I'd be more than happy.
Thanks for the quick reply Asle and for the tips about purple motion and zodiak. Just valid notes beyond the 3 Octave Amiga Hw Limit. Don't know if I should bother with incorrect rips or conversion.

I'm not still convinced if I should add replay support for uade or just bail out with a warning like we do with 4ch+ mods, I'm currently just experimenting. *sigh* Those PC-tracker mods are a real nightmare...
Finally I stumbled upon a m.k. 4ch mod actually using non standard Amiga note periods. I eventually knew they might exist, but I never encountered any in the wild. So, I'm fixing uade now to detect it and doing some tests to replay it with a software mixing replay (well, just PS3M's m.k. replayer with additional periodtables).

So, I'm looking for test tunes to crash check both the file heuristics and the replayer. Any advice on other mods are more than appreciated;-)


/e: Dalezy made some more of these tunes. Nevertheless, I'm still interested in other mods by other composers.
yes it is... sll7 - old Soundtracker15 format. One of the first mods I ever heard on the Amiga and I loved the Patrick Packard miniseries on German Christmas TV when I was young. So it's stuck in my mind even now.

The ZZZaxx tune was easy for me, because I just listened to it, the other day. I didn't know it was an actual cover, so it would have been harder for me the other way round.
Yes, oldiiies... like me. Do I give it too much away if I say popsnare, analogstring and monsterbass? ;-)

[off-topic]BZR Player and some multiformat players for smartphones seem to prefer libflod and libxmp to replay several Amiga formats (like octamed, hippel, Whittacker...) most times it sounds alright but sometimes there are the usual problems. For anyone interested I put some files online for checking and how they are replayed with UADE here:

Hi folks,

long time no see.

The scene song Asle is looking for is called "Spaceship 505" and there's two versions... One by ZZZAX in Soundmon format, the other one is a cover by Neurodancer in AHX.

I listened to the song a short while ago, when I was stress checking some replays like the BZR/flod plugin. :-)

Ok, my turn?