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after some months of development, I'm proud to present the package "Ultimate Tracker Support" (UTS) from Resistance:

A brief overview:

This package includes five different Shell tools for Amiga tracker modules:

- WhichMOD V.1.4 detects main characteristics of standard tracker modules.

- UST2PT   V.1.3 converts Ultimate Soundtracker into Protracker modules.

- OST2PT   V.1.3 converts old Soundtracker into Protracker modules.

- ST2PT    V.1.2 converts Soundtracker into Protracker modules.

- SplitMOD V.1.9 splits standard modules into song and samples data files.

Sixteen different replay routines for 000/0x0 CPUs as assembler sourcecodes:

- UST-Replay27_000_0x0  V.2.0 Ultimate Soundtracker

- DST-Replay6_000_0x0   V.1.0 (old) DOC Soundtracker

- DST-Replay9_000_0x0   V.1.0

- ST-Replay2.2_000_0x0  V.4.0 (old) Soundtracker

- ST-Replay2.4_000_0x0  V.4.1 Soundtracker

- NT-Replay2.0_000_0x0  V.4.0 Noisetracker

- PT-Replay2.3a_000_0x0 V.4.0 Protracker

- PT-Replay3.0b_000_0x0 V.3.8

Overview Tracker Features V.1.0

- I've added a table with different tracker features and a classification of the
  trackers by their effect command formats as a pdf-file and a png-picture for
  the use with multiview.

Some words about the included sourcecodes...

The main focus is on the Amiga tracker replay routines. Any other parts like
turning the system off and on, saving the content of hardware registers
or enabling/disabling interrupts are NOT part of the sources.

The aim is to provide you 100% documented and standardized replay routines
as assembler sourcecodes for different Amiga trackers.

All routines are based on the Protracker 2.3a/3.0b original replay routines.

For every replay routine there's an optimized 68000 and 680x0 version which
is very fast.

Feel free to do further optimizations. ;-)

I've decided to include only the latest version of a replay routine before
fundamental changes happened, like:

- Changing and introducing new effect commands with DOC Soundtracker 4,
  DOC Soundtracker 9, Master Soundtracker 1.0, Soundtracker 2.0,
  Soundtracker 2.3, Noisetracker 1.0 and Protracker 1.0

- Changing from raster independent to raster dependent replay with
  Master Soundtracker 1.0 and Soundtracker 2.0

- Introducing 31 instruments with Soundtracker 2.3

- Changing the interpretation of the repeat point of loop samples from bytes
  to words with Soundtracker 2.5, Noisetracker 1.0 and expanding the effect

- Adding extended commands with Protracker 1.0

- Changing from raster dependent to raster independent replay with
  Protracker 1.0

- Adding new commands and features with Protracker 3.0

The following trackers are supported by the routines:

- UST-Replay27 V.2.0

  * Ultimate Soundtracker 1.21 - the mother of all trackers =)
  * Ultimate Soundtracker 1.8
  * Ultimate Soundtracker 2.0

- DST-Replay6 V.1.0

  * (old) Soundtracker         1
  * (old) Soundtracker         2
  * (old) Soundtracker         3
  * (old) DOC Soundtracker 4
  * (old) DOC Soundtracker 5
  * (old) DOC Soundtracker 6

- DST-Replay9 V.1.0

  * (old) DOC Soundtracker     9
  * (old) Master Soundtracker 1.0

- ST-Replay2.2 V.4.0

  * (old) Soundtracker 2.0
  * (old) Soundtracker 2.1
  * (old) Soundtracker 2.2

- ST-Replay2.4 V.4.1

  * Soundtracker 2.3
  * Soundtracker 2.4

- NT-Replay2.0 V.4.0

  * Noisetracker 2.x
  * Startrekker   1.x

- PT-Replay2.3a V.4.0

  * Soundtracker 2.5
  * Soundtracker 2.6
  * Noisetracker  1.x
  * Protracker     1.x
  * Protracker     2.x

- PT-Replay3.0b V.3.8

  * Soundtracker 2.5
  * Soundtracker 2.6
  * Noisetracker  1.x
  * Protracker     1.x
  * Protracker     2.x
  * Protracker     3.x

Have fun with it.  ;)

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