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Announcements / 2023
January 01, 2023, 12:09:44
2022 is gone ... 2023 has come,

This is season greetings, so to everyone; in the name of the AMP team; I wish you all the best for 2023.

Although 2022 looked like an attempt to return to normal after two crazy years, the worldwide health crisis is still lurking around. So I extend my wishes with a good health to you all.

 This year, once again, many sent us material to enrich the collection. 2022 was no different in that regard. As such, I must thank everyone who has provided us to us with either information or material. Many people, again , and that's truly appreciated.
 Should anyone wish to upload stuff, drop files here (no size limit)

 A special note this time about those uploads. While they are REALLY appreciated, please consider sending archives and a description of what is uploaded (a few word in a text file). A contact email might be useful as well since some uploaded material is disregarded and I would like to explain why (broken file / already online / etc.).

 News-wise, 2022 was very uneventful for AMP. No news from Crown and Monty for some time now. Curt Cool is dedicating a lot of time on preserving disks / collections (C64/Amiga) - contact him if you have disks lying around.  If you are an old BBS sysop (any platform) and the material+listing is still available, please contact us also !.

 Some figures:
 new musics : 2.848
 updated musics : 245
 new author : 238
 removed author (merge/fix/etc.) : 12
 updated author : 388

Be safe.

Asle on behalf of the AMP team
Announcements / 2022
January 01, 2022, 09:08:18
Dear readers,

And here we are, once again ! It's a new year that starts today.
So to everyone; in the name of the AMP team; I wish you all the best for 2022.

Once again, 2021 was barely different than 2020 - which was strange, in many ways !

As usual, I would thank everyone who has sent us information and/or material to enrich the collection. We saw once again a steady flow of material this past year. Many people, again , reached out ! and that's really appreciated.
Should anyone wishes to upload stuff, please make sure it has clear authorship (add a text file if not) !

News-wise, 2021 was mostly uneventful for AMP. Curt Cool was still the upload beast we know and love, and Monty did some fine-tuning server wise.

Some figures:
new musics : 3.585
updated musics : 230
new author : 365
removed author (merge/fix/etc.) : 15
updated author : 377

Be safe.

The AMP team
Announcements / 2021
January 01, 2021, 11:50:52
Hello to you all,

So there it is ! It's 2021 now.
To everyone, and in the name of AMP team, I wish, to all of you, all the best for 2021.

What a strange year this 2020 has been !

Again, I would thank, as usual, everyone who has sent us information and/or material to enrich the collection. Quite a lot of people, again this past year, did send us material ! and that's really appreciated.

News-wise, 2020 had its share of events. We migrated again to a new server where several issues awaited us :P. We went off the air this past year for a couple of weeks. But all in all, we are still around and up there sharing tracked material :)

Be safe.

The AMP team
Support / Feedback / Support Us page update
September 28, 2020, 12:20:36
After years and years of gathering dust, the "support us" page (at the bottom of the page) was finally refreshed !
It is here :
Thanks Crown :)
Music database / Abyss material on Github
August 30, 2020, 11:36:33
I  just noticed that Moon/Abyss has opened up a Github entry for all his work that go back to his Amiga coding days.
This is great news and I'm in the process of replacing all the converted material we have - which is quite a few musics
Announcements / Server move
August 03, 2020, 18:02:31

We are back online after a few days off. We have been changing the server's location.
We expect to be off briefly in the coming days (no date yet).

Thank you for your understanding.

Stay safe
Ripping Amiga music / Devils Replay
May 28, 2020, 18:17:53

I've recently spent some time on an unknown (to me) protracker clone format. I don't know the name nor the author. The material is found only in Devils prods, so .. I've made up this very original name "Devils replay" :)

I started looking at this when handling this No Reality demo by Devils. Rather quickly, I found that it's the very same format as found in Colors demo, also by Devils.
Cybfree, once again, quickly reminded me that this format was already beaten - more precisely, the musics from Colors were already converted. Great !, so, I can write a quite converter myself for the others.

That's exactly what I did. It took me 3 days because I'm still not great at coding, but it's done. So, first, all the cases found are here:

The format itself is somewhat unique in that it does things I've not seen elsewhere. Promizer could be a distant cousin of some sort :)

standard protracker header until 'M.K.' at 1080
1084          short         size of pattern data [A]
1086 + [A]    short         size of reference table [B] - must be at an even position
1086 + [A]    short         sample data
+ 2 + [B]     

pattern data:
192 bytes per pattern
3 bytes per row:
0 byte : filter
1 short : address to read in reference table

Reference table:
contains rows of output unpacked notes - so up to 16 bytes.
depending of the filter, above, the blocks of word/short are stored
filter : abcd-efgh
output: in 16 bytes
B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 B8 B10 B11 B12 B13 B14 B15 B16
|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |   |   |   |   |   |   |
\/    \/    \/    \/    \/     \ /     \ /     \ /
  a     b     c     d     e      f       g       h
if the filter bit is set, the corresponding output is stored in the reference table.

I guess that's it. No sure I was too clear on this one. Please, report back if you want more details.

Again, huge thanks to Cybfree for the help.
Musician database / Razmo
May 16, 2020, 23:01:28
The Amiga musician Razmo has passed away.
This sad news was reported on FB and local Danish social media web site - at least.
Our condolences to family and friends.
Files upload / Uploads (2020-05)
May 06, 2020, 16:36:20
more feedback about uploads

2.MUS (53411 bytes) is
3.MUS (84628 bytes) is a destroyed dupe of
please, stop uploading those (already received 5 times in the past 9 days !)

We also received
OtherFormat.7z contains 434 files in exotic format !
chiptunes.7z contains 442 files in exotic format too !
modules.7z contains 1656 files in MOD/XM/S3M/IT format.
=> whoever upped this, please, contextualise ! While I didn't check everything, I still noted many files that are already on AMP - and obvious "sorting" mistakes. Send a mail or something.

And once again, to everyone helping us by sending material, please upload a text file to help with the sorting. As an unwritten rule, the files without author or contextualized (which prod/party it comes from) are NOT uploaded. Even if we receive the file 50 times ...
Files upload / Uploads (2020-04)
April 21, 2020, 11:25:13
Hello all,

Amongst the various material that was uploaded in recent weeks, there is this archive sent by Dave Simmons. It should be noted as it went by the book - i.e. we got a nice archive with a small note that described authorship and source. There's a nice little story included which I'm sharing to all :

Quote[...] it's currently the Covid19 lock down in the UK and i've had some spare time to resurrect my Amiga A3000.
Long story short, i lost most of my data through a hard drive failure but i've managed to salvage a few of my old
Pro/Noise/Soundtracker mods. I wasn't exactly part of any group at the time but i was credited as Dwain Dibley by the guys
who used them.

The first group of 8 mods were used on 2 'test' demo disks that probably didn't get released, the second group of 3 mods
are unused/unnamed mods. I believe they were all written between 1988/1989.

So thanks, Dave ! Really appreciated :)

Also, we keep receiving several times the same files again and again and again and again ... So thanks to whoever feeds us with this Polish material, really. It's great but you don't have upload it multiple times. It'll get processed eventually.

Files upload / Uploads (2020-03)
April 04, 2020, 10:34:00
Hello to all people who are contributing to AMP

First, a big thanks to everyone for sending stuff to us (either via email, or our cloud or whatever :) )
As a reminder, just drop anything here :

OK, now, that being said, and before going into any specifics, I must remind:
1. you need only to drop a file ONCE. We've been receiving the same files several dozens of times over time. It's completely useless and won't improve our spare time to handle them. So, please, only one upload, heh ?
2. send an accompanying text that helps us to sort the files out. The best is to send an archive per author with a small description text that tells us which composer (and eventually where the music comes from (which demo/compo/etc.) - if known.

OK, some specifics for the latest batches
It's an IT that we already have online since day one. It is 1123586 bytes long. (Memories by ThePeric). It's been uploaded link 30 times in the last 4 months.
It's a MOD that is also online since day one. jarre by Master Blaster.
A few others but let's see those stop being sent, first :)

Those without author (which we, thus, can't handle): please, provide us with authors when uploading.
Whoever feels like helping, here's a few of those numerous files without authors we've been receiving for a year now :
If it gets success, I'll complete this list :)


Announcements / 2020
January 01, 2020, 19:58:09
And .. here we are, it's 2020 already !
So, to everyone, and in the name of AMP team, I wish you all the best for this new year.

This is an opportunity to thank, as usual, every individual who has sent us information and/or material to enrich the collection. Wayyyy to many, yet again, to list you all here.

As far as news go, 2019 was an eventful year, for sure. We migrated to a new server, switched ftp to a cloud, had our share of panic moments when we went off the air for a couple of weeks, etc. Hopefully, it'll be smooth sailing for 2020 :)

The AMP team
Files upload / Uploads (2019-04)
April 06, 2019, 12:07:12

Thanks for using the new cloud we set up (replacing our old FTP).
I've handled all I could so far. However, a few files came up where I couldn't decipher an author.

Whoever upped this, please contact me or reply here.

To all our users,

Going back a few weeks ago, we have migrated AMP to a new server (taking care of PHP7 mandatory upgrades and the like). The announcement is only made now since we have had various difficulties here and there.
You can see one of the consequences in the Forum. The old design wouldn't fit anymore with this way more up-to-date version. The second main consequence is the FTP which had to go. The way our new server is set up wouldn't let us easily create an FTP sever. We opted for a cloud solution (Nextcloud). That way, whoever wants to send us something needs only to drop that "something" on

Sylvain for AMP staff
Musician database / Yomaru Kasuga musics
March 03, 2019, 23:24:35

I don't usually track down moves like that but this is a special case.
After a discussion with Yomaru Kasuga and a public discussion also on, several dozens of musics are now off the download list.

We, AMP Staff, are agreement with Saga Musix and what is written on modarchive forum -> straight MIDI->S3M conversion in a two clicks sweep should not be featured on tracker-oriented archive websites.

Sylvain on behalf of AMP team

Files upload / Uploads (2019-01)
January 20, 2019, 12:50:03
OK, back to tracing what happens ...

And we start by yesterday's upload ''. Zip is fine but the XM inside is NOT - missing some byte.
Whoever sent it, please, locate the correct version.
Announcements / 2019
January 01, 2019, 02:05:00
In the name of AMP admins, I wish you all a happy new years 2019.

This new year message was lost in space in recent years but then, I thought it was nice to show there's still some life around here, so here we are.
It was a bit quieter than the previous years, activity wise. Still, about 3600 musics were added. and the usual bunch of updates happened as well (music and musicians, of course).

I must, once again, thank way too many people to make a list. You all know who you are. A special, thank you, however, to all musicians/coders who provide us with the original material (MOD) when applicable. While it is still not a common practice, it certainly is VERY much appreciated when it happens !

I hope we still stand when celebration time comes next year. And until such time, I wish everybody all the best, once again, for 2019


Now there's a fun story.
Last week, Crown uploaded a big archive on the ftp (@Crown, please report where you dug it from !). Said archive contained a lot of musics coming with several texts in Polish. From the music comments it made sense this referred to a music compo that was setup by an Amiga magazine in Polish language.
To make it short, the archive contains all that was received at the time (end of 1998), sending a last call and saying that the final results would be published around Apr 1999.

I, thus, called upon Jazzcat for help ... and ... I received shortly afterward scans of those results !! (they are attached).

So, here's where we stand.
=> most musics are already known
=> some musics are missing since the balance of what was shown by the end of 1998 was completed until the result were published
=> I've written the results as best as I could <- I need help fixing this :)
=> what "party" name could be used ?
=> what is the publishing date ? can't decipher said date on the scan (first page on the lower right bottom)

* The musics are here :

and, here follow those transcribed results - please help translating the remaining Polish ones :
QuoteCategory: Misc

15 authors
16 musics (2 jednego autera)

Dominujace formaty:
3 XM
1 MMD3

Results (bottom-up)
15 Miejsce - Alexander Sanetra for the music 'Theme from Dune' (XM)
14 Miejsce - Tomasz Wodecki for the music 'Sting Theme' (MOD)
13 Miejsce - Piotr Lesnikowski for the music 'O mamal' (XM)
12 Miejsce - Dominik Kozaczko for the music 'Cottoneye Joe Remix' (MOD)
11 Miejsce - Piotr Malaga za ca?okszta?t czyli utwory 'Dziewcze o Lnianych Wlosach' (MOD); 'Zepsuty Maluch' (MOD)
10 Miejsce - Sîawomir Winconek for the music 'Hangman' (MMD3)
09 Miejsce - îukasz Macioszek for the music o dzwiecznej nazwie 'UAUAUAAAUAAAUAAAA' (DBM)
08 Miejsce - Grzegorz Rybok for the music 'Time' (DIGI)
07 Miejsce - Pawel Stelmach for the music 'Kara Konie' (MOD)
06 Miejsce - Dariusz Panchyrz for the music 'Russian Rave' (XM)
05 Miejsce - Jacek Karpeta for the music 'Like' (MOD)
04 Miejsce - Piotr Protasiuk za rave'owa konwersje 'Mapple Leaf Rag' (DBM)
03 Miejsce - Wojciech Panufnik za utworek 'Mishka C Kookloy' (MOD)
02 Miejsce - Jan Kaliszewski za bardzo odbiegajaey od originaki remix pawnaga znanego utworu ukrytega pod tytulem 'Voodka People' (MOD)
01 Miejsce - Pawel Rogacewicz za ciekawa interpretacje utworu 'The Terminator in G-maj' (DBM)

Category: Jingle

4 authors
4 laeznie utworów

Dominujace formaty:

Results (bottom-up)
04 Miejsce - îukasz Macioszek za jingiel 'Smutny' (IFF-8SVX)
03 Miejsce - Piotr Pacyna za jingiel 'Godzina Piersza' (MOD)
02 Miejsce - Pawel Rogacewicz za jingiel 'S.E.D.E.S' (MOD)
01 Miejsce - Marek Jarmulski za jingiel-reklamówke Magazynu Amiga 'MagJon' (DIGI)

Category: Synth

5 Authors
5 musics

Dominujace formaty:
1 ST11 (AY-Player)

Results (bottom-up)
05 Miejsce - Michal Bukowski for the music 'Yerzmyey' (ST11)
04 Miejsce - Jacek Karpeta for the music 'Faza 1' (THX)
03 Miejsce - Piotr Pacina for the music 'Time in The Valley' (THX)
02 Miejsce - Marcin Misiejuk for the music 'Tex' (THX)
01 Miejsce - Stanislaw Ostaszewski for the music 'Chinip 23' i ten nieuchwytny, commodoroswki feeling (THX)

Category: 4ch

31 Authors
38 musics (8 jednego autora jeden uszkodzony)

Dominujace formaty:
33 MOD
1 MMD1
1 ZX Snapshot

Results (bottom-up)
30 Miejsce - îukasz Siedlecki for the music 'Rubin Metal' (MOD)
29 Miejsce - îukasz Siudziïski for the music 'Ela i Kapela' (MOD)
28 Miejsce - Dominik Kozaczko for the music 'Zajâczek Remix' (MOD)
27 Miejsce - Michal Szuster for the music 'LeonMix - 0% logiki' (MOD)
26 Miejsce - Rafal Kulik for the music 'No future' (MOD)
25 Miejsce - Konrad Fedyk for the music 'W drodze do niikâd' (MMD1)
24 Miejsce - Adam Tredowski for the music 'Fun' (DIGI)
23 Miejsce - Piotr Malaga za cetoksztalt, czyli 8 utworów (MOD)
22 Miejsce - Jan Kaliszewski for the music 'Lesny Stworek' (MOD)
21 Miejsce - Marek Jarmulski for the music 'Jazzowanie' (MOD)
20 Miejsce - Konrad Kucharski for the music 'Wiertara' (MOD)
19 Miejsce - Pawel Rogacewicz for the music 'Red loanmover' (MOD)
18 Miejsce - Tomasz Wodecki for the music 'Scorpion deadlock' (MOD)
17 Miejsce - Waldemar Karolewski for the music 'Draft' (MOD)
16 Miejsce - Michal Lapczynski for the music '30 C...' (EMOD)
15 Miejsce - Lukasz Macioszek for the music 'Sen o Milosci' (DBM)
14 Miejsce - Dariusz Panchyrz for the music 'IQuasi' (MOD)
13 Miejsce - Damian Bisewski for the music 'Another Sphere' (MOD)
12 Miejsce - Jacek Karpeta for the music 'Intel Fuck Off' (MOD)
11 Miejsce - Michal Budkowski for the music 'Industrial 3' (Xz Snapshot)
10 Miejsce - Pawel Stelmach for the music 'Shit 2' (MOD)
09 Miejsce - Ardadiusz Pekalski for the music 'Story01' (MOD)
08 Miejsce - Radal Staniek for the music 'Tribal Trouble' (MOD)
07 Miejsce - Piotr Lesnikowski for the music 'Halcyon' (MOD)
06 Miejsce - Marcin Misiejuk for the music 'Mini(fe)male' (MOD)
05 Miejsce - Piotr Protasiuk for the music 'Swirl' (MOD)
04 Miejsce - Piotr Pacyna for the music "France'98_Ingame1" (MOD)
03 Miejsce - Wojciech Panufnik for the music "Flip Flap" (MOD)
02 Miejsce - Lukasz Adamczyk for the music "White Sausage" (MOD)
01 Miejsce - Stanislaw Ostaszewski for the music "Sweet Dreams v01" (MOD)

Category: Multich

21 Authors
21 musics

Dominujace formaty:
5 XM
2 MMD3

Results (bottom-up)
21 Miejsce - Piotr Laskowski for the music 'Virtual Love' (DIGI)
20 Miejsce - Aleksander Sanetra for the music 'Inlandia' (XM)
19 Miejsce - Jozef Chrapiewski for the music 'Perfect Dream' (DBM)
18 Miejsce - Lukasz Siudzinski for the music 'Panthers in the shadows' (DBM)
17 Miejsce - Robert Kowalczuk for the music 'I Want You In Storm!' (DBM)
16 Miejsce - Lukasz Macioszek for the music 'Stracona Nadzieja' (DBM)
15 Miejsce - Slawomir Winconek for the music 'Sally' (MMD3)
14 Miejsce - Pawel Niejadlik for the music 'Walking Outside with Personal Hypnotiser' (DBM)
13 Miejsce - Marcin Misiejuk for the music 'Boring' (DBM)
12 Miejsce - Marek Jarmulski for the music 'Zuuluu' (DIGI)
11 Miejsce - Adam Tredowski for the music 'The Day After' (DIGI)
10 Miejsce - Piotr Lesnikowski for the music 'Closet Garden' (XM)
09 Miejsce - Konrad Kucharski for the music 'Afro' (DBM)
08 Miejsce - Piotr Pacyna for the music 'Usticu Title Track' (MOD)
07 Miejsce - Dariusz Panchyrz for the music 'Menku' (XM)
06 Miejsce - Jacek Karpeta za gitarowy kawalek pt 'Zuzi' (MMD3)
05 Miejsce - Grzegorz Rybok za niezly kawalek trance'u o nazwie 'Land of Tears' (DIGI)
04 Miejsce - Damian Bisewski za ciekawa linie meldyczna w kawalku pod tytulem 'Golden Heart' (DBM)
03 Miejsce - Jan Kaliszewski for the music 'Wielkie Przestrzenie Cz.2' (XM)
02 Miejsce - Wojciech Panufnik za niesamowity kawalek zaaranzowany na gitare i pianino pt. 'Passion' (XM)
01 Miejsce - Piotr Protasiuk za merodyjny kawalek amblentu z delikatnymi acz junglowymi rytmami perkusyjnymi pod tytulem 'Fallout' (DBM)

-- I'll update as I upload the musics
Requests / BMP 2
October 08, 2017, 15:52:11
I've written about this on Demozoo Slack channel but it makes sense to have a forum entry to follow this.
I've tried to locate all the entries that were made in the Blacktron Music Compo 1998. From what I can see from their old website (at, there are more than 500 (!) entries , split in 6 categories. Unfortunately, the image doesn't store the entries themselves, as they were stored on an outside FTP site ( Said ftp site was note archived it seems.
So, my request : if anyone has a dump of this site, please give a call. Menace agreed to mirror this on if this somehow surfaces back :)


We face an issue with the whole public front end of AMP, where queries and basic browsing are not working. This is an unfortunate consequence of some technical upgrade that didn't go as well as planned.
We'll fix this shortly, hopefully.

Sorry about that