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So, thanks JosSs for uploading some material ! I've handled it all yesterday.
Hi and welcome sir Josss,

 I couldn't find an old account either.
 Thanks for stopping by ! :)

 Now, since you're here, you must endure the usual set of questions. Can you please provide us with non-converted protracker for the following cases ?

 That would be ultra super ! If you're willing, just drop the material here :

 All the best,

 With delay, once again, I've set up a new author on AMP with your (Jason's) musics. I've linked all 8 musics we (AMP) store and that I listed before.

 I might have missed tons in the previous exchanges. Please tell me :)

 Also, if there's more musics around by you (Jason), you can always upload them (and poke me about it). Better to make an archive (like zip) with a small text that says who's music it is.

Once again, sorry for the delay. I'm simply out of spare time :(

Files upload / Re: New Axxy's Modlist
March 26, 2023, 13:11:39
For unknown reasons, the admin side is broken down :(
I've put the file online anyway and here's a link to it :
Support / Feedback / Re: Search error
March 26, 2023, 13:08:42
Yeah ... one of those consequences of the last mishap that we experienced.
This one is fixed. I noticed others and I'm working on those too.
Thanks for the report

I did a little information gathering. Here's my findings, so far.

Island Of Reil and Alternate Prism don't look like the same author and should be split here. They are listed as members at the same time in Epinicion listings :)
Few productions from Epinicion are available today and I guess they are all here :

To sum up :
Island of Reil
Listed in Epinicion in 1994-Oct -> 1996-Mar
sysop of Timescape BBS (619 - San Diego area ?) in 1994-Oct -> 1995-Mar
[email protected] - 1994-Dec -> 1995-Mar
[email protected] - 1995-Jun -> 1996-Mar

Alternate Prism
First listing in Epinicion is 1995-Mar -> 1996-Mar
[email protected] - 1995-Mar -> 1996-Mar

4 musics listed here have sources:
Afrochip! is a NAID 95 entry. by IOR.
Cadencia comes from Timeline PC musicdisk (1995). by IOR
DAC '95 comes from Timeline PC musicdisk (1995). by IOR
Samba comes from Timeline PC musicdisk (1995). by IOR

We haven't marked any source for the other musics.
(C)olor (O)f (R)ave - sample text says : A.Prism ([email protected])
Diamond Eyes - sample text says : A.Prism
DreamerDream - sample text says : A.Prism ([email protected])
East Wind Stream - sample text says : A.Prism ([email protected])
Free Spirit - sample text says : A.Prism ([email protected])
Into The Vortex - sample text says : A.Prism ([email protected])
Judgement Day - sample text says : A.Prism ([email protected])
Rave To Xtremes - sample text says : A.Prism ([email protected])

Those listing/infos up there are facts. Please, complete at will with anything for which I have no source. I'm inclined to go in the direction of creating a 3rd A.Prism that has no group membership and that would get the 8 listed musics without source.
I'll wait for more feedback from either of you before going forward with the change.
And yes, that would mean the Epinicion guy would remain without music.

I want to add some more view in this. There's yet another "Alternate Prism" online (search for ex-handle):
I would bet the two we store are the same.

@Axxy, By all means, send over the updated list. I might indeed have overlooked one in the past. Sorry about that.
Hi Jason,

 First of all, sorry for this delayed answer.

 Several remarks about your statement.
- You are obiously refering to : If not, please give me a link. This is an entry with a valid background : you noted it yourself from some an Epinicion source.
- ALLMODS_2019-135062.xlsx is not our listing but Axxy's
- The "alternate prism" you are refering to has no music linked !
- I can create a dedicated entry to you with the credentials you listed. I would rather do it with music material attached :)

Announcements / 2023
January 01, 2023, 12:09:44
2022 is gone ... 2023 has come,

This is season greetings, so to everyone; in the name of the AMP team; I wish you all the best for 2023.

Although 2022 looked like an attempt to return to normal after two crazy years, the worldwide health crisis is still lurking around. So I extend my wishes with a good health to you all.

 This year, once again, many sent us material to enrich the collection. 2022 was no different in that regard. As such, I must thank everyone who has provided us to us with either information or material. Many people, again , and that's truly appreciated.
 Should anyone wish to upload stuff, drop files here (no size limit)

 A special note this time about those uploads. While they are REALLY appreciated, please consider sending archives and a description of what is uploaded (a few word in a text file). A contact email might be useful as well since some uploaded material is disregarded and I would like to explain why (broken file / already online / etc.).

 News-wise, 2022 was very uneventful for AMP. No news from Crown and Monty for some time now. Curt Cool is dedicating a lot of time on preserving disks / collections (C64/Amiga) - contact him if you have disks lying around.  If you are an old BBS sysop (any platform) and the material+listing is still available, please contact us also !.

 Some figures:
 new musics : 2.848
 updated musics : 245
 new author : 238
 removed author (merge/fix/etc.) : 12
 updated author : 388

Be safe.

Asle on behalf of the AMP team
Hi and thanks for reaching out !

The first two are now linked to the author Seth. However, the next 3 have not. They come from Silent Wind demo which credit screen says otherwise - see attached snapshot.
Can you please double check and confirm to us that said credit screen is wrong ?

Since you are kind enough to be around, I must ask you about originals :) See, many of the musics by yourself that we store (even excluding the 3 listed above) are converted from The Player 6 - replay format used in demos. If you still have those original protracker, please share ! (see out upload page for details : If you need a list, just tell me.

Your country and name are fixed. Thanks so much for helping enhance the quality of data :)

Music database / Re: GAME THEMES Mod Archiv
August 07, 2022, 20:06:18
Music database / Re: Acidtoxid by ??
August 06, 2022, 16:27:20
Well, it's easy. It's all coming from where it is made very clear that the musics are by Captain.
I'll fix AMP.
Music database / Re: Todays new additions
March 22, 2022, 10:31:23
And of course, once again, you're right. I mistook Logo and Logos.
It is now fixed.
Music database / Re: Todays new additions
March 22, 2022, 10:28:26

As per CBR releases DIZ, yes I'm sure :)

│  █▐███  ██▐███  ██▐███   │  CHARLIE     │
│ ██   ██ ██   ██ ██   ██  │    BROWN     │
│ ██      ██▐███  ██▐███   │      RECORDS │
│ ██   ██ ██   ██ ██ ██    │   Presents   │
│  █▐███  ██▐███  ██   ██  │ Release # 80 │
│ Song Title   │ Habits                   │
│ Author(s)    │ Logos                    │
│ Module Name  │ HABITS.IT                │
│ Style        │ Trip Hop                 │
│ Release Date │ September.1997           │
├[You need to know this:]─────────────────┤
│                                         │
│ My entry to the MC5 music competition   │
│                                         │
│                                         │
└[art by: Logòs]──·∙:∙·──────────────[CBR]┘
# ReVeNGe Of SHaDoW BBS +39-(0)464-421890 #

│  █▐███  ██▐███  ██▐███   │ yet          │
│ ██   ██ ██   ██ ██   ██  │ another      │
│ ██      ██▐███  ██▐███   │ tune in full │
│ ██   ██ ██   ██ ██ ██    │ chuckstyle:  │
│  █▐███  ██▐███  ██   ██  │ RELEASE #076 │
│ Song Title   │ KEEP IT UNDERGROUND      │
│ Author       │ Logòs                    │
│ Module Name  │                │
│ Style        │ BREAKBEAT                │
│ Release Date │ May 1997                 │
├[You need to know this:]─────────────────┤
│                                         │
│            HI MUM! HI DAD!              │
│                                         │
└[art by: Logòs]──·∙:∙·──────────────[CBR]┘
..o RAGE BBS ++39-6-52310645 v.34 28.8k o..
Moved to \Slash for the moment.