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Quote from: swirlythingy on September 07, 2009, 14:23:47
Regarding sample info and that: would it be possible to implement some alternative display options giving various levels of detail (show sample names, show author comments, show both, show neither) in the module lists?  This would save opening new windows all over the place, and it means people could either quickly browse a module list, or expand the author comments to decide which mods were best to download, and so on...  Of course the light-bulb system would still be useful if you only want to read the info for one song.
Sure, nice ideas, but to implement such features we need to put Javascript everywhere.

We'll start with the infos displayed in a new target/window/frame/whatever.
Support / Feedback / Re: Truncated Falcon track
September 19, 2009, 23:11:31
Quote from: deus-ex on September 19, 2009, 19:23:54
Quote from: Monty on September 18, 2009, 23:53:06
The song found in modland is slightly different than the one from AMP.

I just compared them and found them to be bit-identical.
Yup, you're right, was an error in the http server configuration. The server made on the fly gzip compression, which resulted in double layer gzip.
Should be ok now.

Thanks again for all your support Deus-Ex
Support / Feedback / Re: Truncated Falcon track
September 18, 2009, 23:53:06
The song found in modland is slightly different than the one from AMP.

Using this one, nothing crashes and XMPlay play (almost) the song for 7 seconds and stops...

Screamtracker 3 in DOSBox seems to be THE solution.
Support / Feedback / Re: Truncated Falcon track
September 18, 2009, 23:29:57
Tried using BZRplayer (which include adplug library), and XMplay.

BZRPlayer load the song, show the samples list and everything, but no sounds.

XMplay do not recognize the file format.


Edit: Found an old version of Oldplay (v0.95), the program crash when loading the file.
I knew there was the funny reset part in this release.

It's unforgettable, great parts, great musics, funny scrolltexts, but I never knew it was a "tecsoft" production, on my floppy I wrote "Wild Copper", it was one the very first Amiga demo I got and it still on the same 20 years old floppy!

And by the way, each Fred's music-disk is a must-have.
I remember this part with the laughing guys...

Maybe the WildCopper Megademo (much more a compilation of small demos)?
Detailed modules informations using a php library done by Asle is already working, but I had problems with some garbage characters found in samples names, regex was the key but it took me an evening to solve it.

This feature should be available soon. Some further tests needed before releasing it.
Stay tuned  8)
New features / Re: Download basket
September 06, 2009, 00:36:55
This is how the download basket feature will work:
-User needs to be registered on AMP.
-User add files to the basket while surfing on AMP (with a counter somewhere on top of the page)
-Once the basket is over, a few options needs to be set to complete the process (like moving mod. to .mod in filenames, remove weird character from filenames, receive archive by email or receive a dynamic link by email to download the archive later)
-If sent by email the archive will be deleted on the fly
-If sent through a dynamic link, the archive will be removed from AMP after a few days (sometimes downloads fails you know :) )
-The maximum size of an archive is 10MB, enough to store more than 50 modules.
-A cron job to process the orders (create and remove archive, send emails...) running every 10 or 15 minutes (depending on the load of the server)

Of course the max archive size is not big enough to download every musics available for some composers (like Lizardking or 4Mat).

I'm working on it...
Amiga Demos / Re: Looking for a demo
August 23, 2009, 18:27:50
Yup I already checked (quickly) on Kestra. Thanks for searching anyway.
Amiga Demos / Looking for a demo
August 23, 2009, 02:58:19
Hello guys,

I'm looking for an old demo, 1989 or 1990 I guess.
This demo features dancing skeletons surrounded by two columns, logo on top, simple horizontal scrolling-text at the bottom and funny music with a funny melody played by a trumpet (or alike).
I'm sure the music is somewhere on AMP but it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Like Asle said, we need user management and authentication systems to put comments or rating. I started to work on it about to years ago, my idea was to implement a download basket you can fill with mods and receive later by email in one big archive.
I was also thinking of a few selectable preferences like "mod. or .mod", "Windows(tm) friendly names or original".
As a matter of fact, it's not yet finished ::)

My opinion about rating is almost the same as Asle.

Comments in the other hand could be done by some enthusiasts wanting to share their knowledge, much more a review of a composer and advice on what to listen and so on.
Displaying it can be done easily by adding a new line featuring a preview of the review at the bottom of each composer table in search results and displaying the full text when looking at the complete ID card.
Maybe by selecting each week a review and displaying it at the top of the homepage we could help people discover great composers deserving more popularity.

About detailed mod informations, I think we should discuss how to display this together Asle (lunch or diner next week?). I've some spare time to spend on AMP, I'll work on this topic.
I checked on some soundtracker disks (1.21, 2.6 and Noise 2.0) but didn't find this song.
Sorry  :-\