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Hi all - glad to see after many years that interest in module music is still alive and well :D

I'm on the hunt to get in touch with the composer of this old XM:


I must have downloaded this about 20 years ago as part of the musicdisk done by the Tequila group, titled chipcompo #1! ...Web searches bring up nothing. I found the Tequila group listed here on AMP as well as on a few demoscene websites - but nothing about this specific compilation. I recognise some of the old names, but the XM file in question has no author appended to it, nor are they listed in the txt file. Perhaps being a chip tune compo, not much attention was put into details and the music a bit of a throw-away?

Anyway, I would deeply appreciate any clues as to who the composer of "Palestina" is, as I'd like to get in touch with them regarding a project I'm working on.

If it would help at all I could upload the original files so people could listen?

stormformer (AKA mr_mark_dollin / mmd / Foo?)