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I just discovered there are at two more groups called Inside (apart from the Spanish one)

* First one is where Ripple belongs.

There is this demo at pouët, and just checking the infofile we find

Inside is:
Crinoid         DER FšHRER
Flux            CODE
Icebeat         MUSIC
Raynet          CODE, GFX
Dr.Wit          CODE
Ripple          MUSIC, CODE

* Next one is where Digistorm probably belongs.

There is this demo at pouët which contains ISD-NO3D.XM file (noon to noon by Mnemonix). Checking the sample list we find credits for the samples.

sample list:
001   (c) mnemonix / inside   (16 bit - 49216)
002   (c) mnemonix / inside   (16 bit - 10992)
003   (c) mnemonix / inside   (16 bit - 26816)
004   (c) mnemonix / inside   (16 bit - 9120)
005   (c) mnemonix / inside   (16 bit - 17172)
006   (c) mnemonix / inside   (16 bit - 9728)

There are more modules in with the ISD prefix.

The only thing I found are some greetings from Digistorm in Battle for Survival - DGS

³  Greetings                                                             ³
³  ~~~~~~~~~                                                             ³
³  Anomaly, Boolean, Jape, Mnemonix, NPA, Scorp, Skylla, Sonic,          ³
³  Ryo-ohki, The Watcher, Thunderstrike, Trigon, Witsflow...             ³
Musician database / AlexG/Fromage
June 13, 2013, 12:30:39

Handle: AlexG
Real Name: Alex Garcia
Lived in: us
Ex.Handles: Dreamlight
Was a member of: Fromage (FR), Halogen Dreams (HD), Flange

Musician database / Slash/Fromage
June 13, 2013, 10:57:25

Handle: Slash
Real Name: Steven Velema
Lived in: fr nl
Ex.Handles: \Slash, Surasshu
Was a member of: Fromage (FR), Hellven (HV - HLVN), Lysis Factor, Melvyl

Musician database / Naif/Concept
May 24, 2013, 11:52:18
Naif's real name is 'Rubén Cabello Sanabria'
Sergio DJ real name is 'Sergio Fernández Albacete'

He has used 'SergioDJ' (without space between)

and 'SDJ' as handles.

Do not get confused with 'DJ Sergio' which is never used by him.
Musician database / Naiad/Wild Bits
May 22, 2013, 15:34:28
I saw he doesn't have real name in the database and tried to find it. First I tried to remember (I met him at a few parties) but with no luck.

Then I started to search with Google and found!topic/es.ciencia.astrofisica/KgUt0CZmuS0
Salu2, Naiad
                          (O O)
*       ______       __   __  *
*      / __  /_____ / /_ ,_________  ,_______  ____/ /  *
*     / /_/ // ___// __// ___/ _  / / ___/ _ \/ __  /   *
*    / /-/ /(___ )/ /_ / /  / // / / /  / ___/ /_/ /    *
*   /_/ /_//____/ \__//_/   \___/ /_/   \___/\____/     *
* Naiad:  [email protected] || *
                          || ||
Member of WILD BITS     ooO Ooo

Looking at the beginning of the message we have
Contacto: Alex Dantart <[email protected]>

But Spanish-born people have two last names, so I finally found
Star Party de AstroRED en Teruel (España)
Por Alex Dantart Usón y José Carlos Millán· Publicado el 2 de Agosto 2001
Correo electrónico: [email protected]

Summing up, Naiad's real name is 'Alex Dantart Usón'
I don't know how are the underlying mod files organized, so maybe what I'm proposing is not possible. I suppose something like this has arisen before, but didn't find anything in this topic.

Amiga has mod extension before file name while PC and others usually have mod extension after the file name. Would it be possible to code/modify a download filter which lets choose the placement of the extension before/after the file name? (I guess the answer is no if files are gzipped and not compressed on the fly).

Support / Feedback / Avatar uploading
May 13, 2013, 13:10:12
After trying with latest versions of Firefox and Chrome, I have been able to upload my own avatar using Internet Explorer 8. The former two crashed after clicking browse button or choosing the JPEG file. The operating system is Windows XP.

Forum Profile Information -> Profile -> I will upload my own picture -> Browse
Musician database / Mefis / Funk!
May 13, 2013, 12:29:38
I just found what seems Mefis' complete name in a Funk! info file
mefis            - karsten pasternack -  organising, musician

However, I think the correct spelling is 'Carsten' according to another info file signed by himself
contact me:
[email protected]  or
carsten pasternack

'Mefithian' (which is in the database) seems to be an ex-handle too
³  Mefis   a.k.a  Mefithian  ³
³  .oOo.   of FUNK!   .oOo.  ³
I was looking for information about Mikro/MFX and found it is the new handle for Heekend.


I just wanted to share it with you in case you want to update the database.
Hello everybody,

I've been an AMP user during last years and decided to register to be able to contribute a little to the site.

I did some modules on PC back from 1995 to 2005, which I think they are almost all in the database already and I was one of the founders of TLOTB group.

Throughout the years I used plenty of different trackers, ranging from WhackerTracker or ScreamTracker 2 to the more recent Skale Tracker, but my releases were mainly tracked in ST3 and FT2 (never really an IT fan).

I just wanted to thank the AMP staff for creating and keeping this project alive.