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Files upload / New Axxy's Modlist
March 22, 2023, 21:21:56
Hi Asle

Just uploaded my latest modlist via FTP. Still in Excel format and lists 158,257 modules as of today. Be nice to update that old 2017 list in Downloads.

Support / Feedback / Search error
March 19, 2023, 20:51:21
While searching for things, I got this error message while using a single quote mark ' ?

Quote from: alternateprism on March 09, 2023, 16:14:28thank you for attaching those! your 2014 ones are, byte for byte(winmerge), exactly as the ones at modland and here at amp. your eternal/fantasia are exact to modland. i did find that across all versions: diamond eyes.mtm is exact to my original: does not have any rothman contact inside.

That might be because back in 2004 or 2005 I sent 4xDVDs to Coma containing well over 80000 mods for Modland. You can usually tell which ones are probably added by me, renamed filenames...  Maybe I did send them, but for some reason I must have downloaded them again, maybe one of those moments where I deleted some stuff by mistake or something.
OK, just had a poke around Modland and found the same .mtm files there and they were added in 2005 possibly.
All those mods are attached to this post...

I think I might have ripped these from some MD-Dos musicdisk tbh. The ripping program I use tends to save all files in the .exe or a .dat file like that.

It's strange, if this was someone passing off your mods as there own, weird they only add the lunatix email address and use your nickname, but unfortunately it's probably not the first time that's been done. Let us know if these mods are the same as your versions and not someone using your mod & samples to make a different tune? and leave no credit in the mod for reference, also quite common as well.

I'd doubt Epinicion would change the credits unless they made the mistake of mis-crediting them for whatever reasons, but I doubt deliberately.

It's a weird one for sure!

My copies of all your mods have the same datestamp 18/10/2014 22:05, which kind of suggests that possibly I ripped them all at the same time from some production, i.e. a musicdisk or something. Attached in the details of the one I have.

I think that Maelcum being credited as author is just a genuine mistake. Also, he was quite prolific in the mod scene back in the day. along with many other well known tracker musicians in Epinicion. I find these types of mistakes in my list all the time, even after nearly 30 years, it's an on-going battle.

Most of your mods will have a datestamp of when I found them, all from 2014, just no idea where I downloaded them from tbh.

I think that the 4 mods by Island of Reil are his, that's how I have them credited and 2 have been on my hard drive 11 years and 2 for 28 years, while all the others I have are under your handle.

I'm happy to keep what ones I have credited as they are but I can't speak for AMP but I usually go by what happens here unless otherwise proven. I mean, it's not like the 2x Timelord issue.

Seems that my Alternate Prism modules are what you have under Island of Reil as well. Had no idea they might be the same person?? Both in same group and American so possibly are.

I have a further 2 other modules under Alternate Prism handle.

Eternal Friend.mtm is under Maelcum handle even though no credit to Maelcum on AMP.
@@@@Fantasia Red.mtm credited to Alternate Prism but not on AMP

I suppose we need a reply from alternateprism to sort out some issues.  ;)
Hi Asle

Didn't notice he used my list, as AMP doesn't have any of those mods.

That list is a bit out of date now and I recently(ish) uploaded a newer version, obviously that didn't get updated but I'm currently sitting at well over 157,000 now with many 100s more to be added in the coming weeks.
Hi and welcome to AMP.

I have a few .mtm mods under that alias from way back in 1994. All but one of them have that same email address in them. Maybe, someone with you at university used their uni email address for spreading/contact about your mods or you used some one else's email account for contact purposes? (it's nearly 30 years ago  ;) ).  Where I got those mods from I have no idea as I added them to my collection in 2014.

For Uploads, see top of AMP main page for instructions about adding them via ftp. I recently enjoyed listening to those that I have, so look forward to hearing some more! ::)

I'm sure Asle will respond shortly...
Hi and welcome...

Thanks for sharing those details, Asle will probably be along shortly.  I've done the editions for me but this now throws up this one:-

Klub(b) Experience.mod by Overlord
& by Volton

Can you confirm if all the other mods under your alias are correct and did you have further alias' back in the day?
Announcements / Re: Maf has passed away!
September 14, 2022, 16:34:40
Made some great tunes, RiP Maf..  :(
Musician database / Naetti Tyttoe
September 02, 2022, 11:18:17
General Discussion / 2022
August 31, 2022, 16:03:29
Thought I'd re-upload my Module List as it's been quite awhile since I last did an update. Can someone replace the list in the download section with this new version please.

New total now stands at 155,477.

Lots of new entries
Lots of edits

Biggest change, I spent 6 weeks generating a NEW list from scratch. Not that long ago I discovered a flaw in the list, not sure when or even how it happened, but no matter how I tried, could not recover it sufficiently enough to carry on with it, even from the many backups I had. It was a real pain in the ass!

During compiling the new list, I checked for possible import errors and hopefully the data is ok, at least I'm happier with where it is now, than a couple of months ago. It has everything I had waiting to add since the the old list got deleted, quite a few recent edits and new entries, up until adding the entries from Nova 2022 (about 2 hours ago)..

I uploaded the list to ftp using
Music database / Re: GAME THEMES Mod Archiv
August 14, 2022, 12:26:10
LHA pretty much the Amiga standard for compression along with Powerpacker/zip. I should imagine Aminet if your using real hardware (amiga) or emulating, pretty sure LHA is on there.

If your using Windows based machine, most stuff like Winzip/Rar automatically handles lha compressed files I think as I haven't had an issue with Lha files for years.

On Exotica, I have to right click on the download and 'Save link as' to download any files, I am on a Windows PC, so nobodies perfect!!  :o