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 'asshole music' is in Basehead's section but is someone else's .IT that just has the sample text as Basehead's old Summer Daydream s3m as its instrument text, not sure why, uses some of the same samples maybe so started off with that song?  some of the sample text (not instrument) seems to point to someone else..

Not sure if this forum is still read, but I went looking for a few modules I hadn't heard in forever by Mosaic and found them on modland but noticed they weren't here.. so maybe you can sync up and grab the missing ones :)
^^ AMP list
^^ modland list

Even if you don't want the c67/670 modules there's a bunch of others from the normal formats.

I'm especially amazed that modland managed to get the songs Rose Intro and TDT World Domination, they were only released inside BBS intro loader exe files inside of ACiD art packs and are very obscure.  Sadly even including modland there is a missing one of his TDT modules that now may be lost forever - I can't completely remember the name of it though, except it had the word 'old' in it, like 'the old song' or something.

He was one of my scene idols (along with C.C.Catch) and friends back in the day as a Renaissance fan, and as a fan of the Amnesia music..   a lot of people don't know he was in TDT (The Dream Team) which was a famous warez group, but not sure if they ever did any intros or demos.. he might've been a courier, I can't recall, but as you can see he credited himself from TDT, before he was in Renaissance.