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Newsreel / Re: B.i.T - Amiga Hits & Remixes
February 26, 2016, 21:19:27
Hi Charlie90,

please check the links provided here.
Musician database / BIT/EON
February 26, 2016, 21:17:41
AMP-Link  :

Handle    : BIT
Real Name : Ove Hyah Karlsen
Country   : Norway
Ex.Handles: Beethoven's Inner Talent, B.I.T., biteoN, John McKenzie, Monoteo, Paradox Uncreated, Ixahea
Groups    : Cinefex Design (Cinefex - CFX), EON, Majic 12 (M12 - MJ12)
Web       :
Musician database / xTr1m/Blu-Flame
August 02, 2015, 17:40:08
AMP-Link  :

Handle    : xTr1m
Real Name : Frank Alfred Tovar Vaskis
Country   : Germany
Ex.Handles: Xenon Trim, Frank Schreiber, Frank Tovar
Groups    : Blu-Flame (BluFlame - BF), Dimlight Alley Crew (DAC)
Web       :
Musician database / Re: Heatbeat/CNCD
July 29, 2015, 20:05:56
Added a new photo to the database.
Musician database / Re: Vibe/Corner Cut
May 16, 2015, 19:30:55
Two additional images added.
Musician database / Re: Argh!/Fonic Four
May 16, 2015, 19:11:11
A new image to ogle on. :)
Musician database / Re: Metal/Vibrants
May 16, 2015, 19:09:35
Added Geometriae and Twolegs to Ex.Handles section.
Yes, you nailed it!!! The remix is a coop by Nula & Dusty, used for the secret level of the game Honey Blaster. Here's the original DOOM song for reference.
Quote from: Axxy on May 11, 2015, 23:08:46As for your module, I don't recognise it. Is it a film theme piece?

Hmm, actually I don't know for sure whether it was used in a movie, but it originates from a famous commercial game production.
Well, actually it's Axxy's turn, but he seem to have bailed out (or didn't read the rules ;) )

deus-ex to the rescue: Check the attached tune, were did you hear that melody before? ;D

"A new life awaits you in the off-world colonies" from the great movie Blade Runner.

Here goes a new one. Were did you hear this one before?
Requests / Re: XMPlay issue
March 23, 2015, 22:01:45
So it turned out XMPlay isn't to blame. Crunch-Media.dll is a third-party plugin by Sebastian Szczepaniak, aka Fraggie on the XMPlay forum.
Requests / Re: XMPlay issue
March 23, 2015, 20:53:49
Probably you should give your current AV the boot. You can fetch the latest XMPlay binary yourself here, the .DLLs of the official distribution remained unchanged:
Requests / Re: XMPlay issue
March 23, 2015, 20:27:53
If the problem persists after ruling out any plugins the problem might be related to a certain configuration setting of XMPlay. You can try with default values by renaming your current Xmplay.ini (e.g. !Xmplay.ini). Or simply extract the archive attached to my previous post to a new folder and test with that release of XMPlay.
Requests / Re: XMPlay issue
March 23, 2015, 19:29:42
Hi Axxy,

here XMPlay plays your attached module without any issues. Are you using any third-party plugins, perhaps one of these is interfering? You may want to try the latest binary of XMPlay (attached).