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Is there any fitting mod you want remastered for
Weedz, Bi-Meýa N Tiah Of The 68erbros Of Þór!
youtube channel, or even have related video to contribute, we can edit and use with it?

Requirements: It needs to fit the related culture, which many amigans were in, typically supporting main 68'er causes like:

   - Natural Resources.
   - Max fresh indiefish at the local market.
   - Gay / LGBTQ marriage.
   - Support Palestine.
   - Clean air, Reasonable power prices
   - No to Mink-industry, No To EEA.
   - etc.

See also N Sazi - Chasing Nebulae (Weedz Master) Video from No Borders No Nations, demonstration, aiming for a democratic dynamic for clean air.

Weedz - Do Not Drive Like Arguru   With 64 game video.. ;)

Roz - Transexual (Weedz Lady Thor Master)   With Lady Thor video.. ;)

Weedz - King Kong Kung Fu (Rob, Tjelta and Weedz Feng Shui)   With IK Atari video.

Weedz - Amsterdam Joint   With Amsterdam Joint video.

Weedz - Rebel Assault   With Oldskool game video!

Weedz - Ragga Journ   With Christiania video.

Weedz - Break Dance (When DMT tries to be LSD / Milli Vanilli Beatmix Track)   With Breakdance Video.

Weedz - Mulla Crackers Theme   With Dynamic Duo video.

and more..


Requests / Re: Looking for Artist name..
February 21, 2019, 11:36:32
Slash / Cramps..
Musician database / Re: BIT/EON
February 09, 2019, 14:24:44
No. I have now shared the official module archive, and Weedz ghostproduction use.
AMP logos / Re: Logo!
February 07, 2019, 00:36:03
AMP logos / Logo!
February 05, 2019, 18:28:45
Newsreel / Re: BǐT official playlist
February 01, 2019, 03:02:34
No, I am sorry. I have now mentioned both the official module archive, and Weedz ghostproduction use.

Newsreel / Re: B.i.T official playlist
January 13, 2019, 16:31:21

Some of this is now also used in ghostproductions on: Weedz, Bi-Meýa N Tiah Of The 68erbros Of Þór!

Check it soon out on streaming.
Newsreel / Re: B.i.T official playlist
January 12, 2019, 17:38:22
There is also an official 4chan archive. From:

_Bit 4 Chan Amiga Demo/Test Culture Tracker Module Music Archive Official_

These are the official "tracker" modules I created while active as an Amiga musician.

They had no licence, only an understanding of no abuse, and sense applies.

Highpoints were being #1 on TG Light 92, with Bit Sounds, and #3, three votes from #1, at TG93, with Style Blend, in this amiga demo/test culture, an early adopter culture, that tested this first multimedia homecomputer, to see what it could do, that faded after this phase. And I found it to work well with MIDI and independent music production, and continued with this, before switching to PC.

Please support the official archive, rather than others, that contain tracks that are not mine, etc.

Romance is also a remix for fellow Cinefex Usergroup member Echo.

Bit Rokk is also a clean 10KB, 3 chan for ZX Spectrum Pulseaudio test.

Ywe Cærlyn. (BBS)

Go get ´em!
Newsreel / Re: B.i.T official playlist
January 03, 2019, 21:37:41
This project has moved to youtube and is a youtube playlist now, which is even better! (first post updated).

Musician database / Re: BIT/EON
August 13, 2018, 22:20:00
re: "Bit - A star in the Amiga Scene, an original 90s indie, with little pun-factor."

Updated? This images are much later. The last are even from webcam testing? What have they go to do with mods 30 years ago?

And as I said many times before, I was not in Alpha Flight, only Cinefex And Eon, which were demogroups, not crackgroups. Demogroups being people who just tested this early computer, and saw what could be done with it. And there was no other "handle" than Bit. You seem to make up very fantasylike versions of things.
And the official module archive is at: [ ]

The last Bit image is here, in a playlist and background info on the stuff I work on now: [ ] I suggest interested rather see this official playlist about it. With correct information, DSP retrofits, and tweaks. Pic from my MIDI studio. Amiga to me really was mostly Octamed MIDI, which it was excellent at. And later PC, rather than 4chan. But early it was 4chan, and it is a long time ago. Highpoints being a 1st at TG92 Light, and a 3rd at TG93. Already here really using MIDI, and Style Blend is a commercial production for the Amiga environment. And while I have already gone commercial the scene culture peak in 93, is reflected in the famous Future Crews Second Reality Demo on PC. After this, this in a way "was" demoscene.

And I wasn´t really one of these cultic scene-guys either, and was more on the sideline in that context, considering it a demo/test culture only, as it was. Arendal '91, TG92Light and TG93 were the only amiga usergroup conventions I went to, and the usergroups were forgotten after that. I don´t even know why some people still bother with this. Before the now cultic "Tunnels And Ballz Demoscene".

Some of the real cultic "sceners" around here like, Trond Hasse Lie (Rhesus Minus/Cryptoburners), known for [ Daisy Chain ], who were main partly of setting the cultic scene vibe, using LSD (which Amiga makers probably knew was a psilocybin mimick), making conventions into parties and psy-gods, and still considered copyparties something last time I talked to him (Cryptoburners name really is that, known for the 90-bust party, where people agree that this was not about games, but rather own productions) is dead now.

Myself I rather believed in a Void, rather than fantasyful gods, and later became a muslim.

From when I was 15 (1991). Put in the "nerd"-room because we were not "cracks", which was ok.

One who stayed true to early-adopter testingphase culture, was [ Floppy, a senior engineer at Kongsberg Digital ] member of scene his whole life.

Some of these are now used in ghostproductions on Weedz, Bi-Meýa N Tiah Of The 68erbros Of Þór!.

Newsreel / BǐT official playlist
January 14, 2016, 12:58:26
BǐT, the former amiga culture artist from Eastern Norway, known for several top placements in competitions, has released [ an official playlist on Youtube ].