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Is there any fitting mod you want remastered for
Weedz, Bi-Meýa N Tiah Of The 68erbros Of Þór!
youtube channel, or even have related video to contribute, we can edit and use with it?

Requirements: It needs to fit the related culture, which many amigans were in, typically supporting main 68'er causes like:

   - Natural Resources.
   - Max fresh indiefish at the local market.
   - Gay / LGBTQ marriage.
   - Support Palestine.
   - Clean air, Reasonable power prices
   - No to Mink-industry, No To EEA.
   - etc.

See also N Sazi - Chasing Nebulae (Weedz Master) Video from No Borders No Nations, demonstration, aiming for a democratic dynamic for clean air.

Weedz - Do Not Drive Like Arguru   With 64 game video.. ;)

Roz - Transexual (Weedz Lady Thor Master)   With Lady Thor video.. ;)

Weedz - King Kong Kung Fu (Rob, Tjelta and Weedz Feng Shui)   With IK Atari video.

Weedz - Amsterdam Joint   With Amsterdam Joint video.

Weedz - Rebel Assault   With Oldskool game video!

Weedz - Ragga Journ   With Christiania video.

Weedz - Break Dance (When DMT tries to be LSD / Milli Vanilli Beatmix Track)   With Breakdance Video.

Weedz - Mulla Crackers Theme   With Dynamic Duo video.

and more..


AMP logos / Logo!
February 05, 2019, 18:28:45
Newsreel / BǐT official playlist
January 14, 2016, 12:58:26
BǐT, the former amiga culture artist from Eastern Norway, known for several top placements in competitions, has released [ an official playlist on Youtube ].