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Title: Extemporized by Digital
Post by: Asle on March 29, 2010, 05:21:12
Let's go for another : Extemporized by Digital (

Nothing fancy, here, at least format-wise, just some manipulating of files is required.

This musicdisk is trackloaded. It contains 14 Crunchmania Address binary sub files.
The two first are gfx/code. The musics are in all 12 others.
Each music is split in two almost equal parts.
So, as an example, music 1 (MOD.sonic city by Clawz) is obtained by :
- decrunching Crunchmania Address binaries 3 and 4
- removing the first two bytes ("Nu") of each decrunched file
- merging 4 (first) with 3 (second)
- removing extra bytes at the end that are here for align matters.

and so on.

that's it.

Note that Prorunner v1 is used, here, as replayer. That explains why some of the musics
are floating around with this Prorunner v1 depacked tag. This is the format in memory only.
I've replaced all 6 musics on AMP. They were all mem dumps and had all 4 bytes missing ...
This will show up in the audit at next upload batch.

The musics :
hopefully devoted ( by GTO (
extemporized ( by Clawz (
sonic city ( by Clawz (
spleen & ideal ( by Clawz ( and Reverse (
sweltering forest ( by Clawz (
voldsom kanonslag! ( by Clawz ( and Reverse (

Any question ? don't hesitate.