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Finally found it. It pays not to give up: "the obj<ttz>e" by "Doc Holiday & Twilight" !!! Yeah! Enjoy!
Just donated. I know it is not needed but I appreciate the service in general, and trying to support the good efforts when I can.

Keep the good work.
Found another missing piece to my puzzle. The samples I think sound like the remix by Tim:

But the version I remember had a woman voice singing something like "daliiiiiiiiidaaaadaaaadaaa" on top of it.

Again any help from the experts would be super appreciated.

You guys are awesome. Thanks a lot for the help, I will make a donation this week-end to support this amazing and useful website.
Hi everyone,

I spent month recently rebuilding my mods collection listening to all the modules I loved, identifying their authors, downloading all known musics from those authors and filter what I liked. I am nearly done but there is one mod that I think I ripped a long time ago but I cannot identify which demo it comes from or the name of the author.

I think it came from a non-finished demo (as in a preview), and I believe there was some kind of plasma into 3d model (like one of the TRSI intros) but not so sure anymore.

Any help will be appreciated,

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