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New features / Typo: function(n)ality
November 03, 2015, 11:27:01
Yes hello,

In the description of this forum sub-board, it says:


According to my dikshunary, it is properly spelled as:


You may want to make fun of it, and write the word as:


However, it's still wrong then.

Sorry for going grammarly on you,

EatMe out

Who, where, when? / Hi there! And hello, I'm EatMe
November 03, 2015, 11:16:16

Hello there dear AMP users,

I'm EatMe from The Hague, The Netherlands. I produce tracker made music using tracker Renoise these days. In the past I used ModPlug Tracker and FastTracker II. I have seen OctaMed once or twice on an Amiga at friends, but never had the pleasure (and annoyance of limitations?) in composing music on an Amiga. The techniques used in modern trackers still resembles the retro style and makes use of large (VST) instruments and effects possible. I have been producing digital music since about 1993. Before that, I learned how to play piano/organ/synthesizer and drums. I still do that (in jamsessions) and I have had lessons on the electric and fretless electric bass guitar in the past 2 years.

In the last  say 15 years I have produced about 24 hours of music, more than 270 tracks, all available for listen and download at the music page on my website:

If you have any tracks by yourself that you'd want to be remixed by me and made available for free download on my website, please send me a message.

Most of my music is released with some rights reserved, more legal info on (CC BY-NC-ND) - feel free to copy it for free, non-commercial purpose, as-is. Please mention my website or soundcloud/eatme with a broadcast or share, so people know where to download the music I made.

Nice to be on this board!

EatMe out.