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Announcements / Re: 2022
July 19, 2022, 05:17:35
zxtune plays most common module formats and emulates some chip hardware formats like c64's SID and Sega Mega Drive's yamaha YM2612
Plus you can browse AMP with it

facepalm, here's me not reading properly.

  • Sunvox can open .MOD and .XM modules, but it's as much a modular audio synthesis tool as it is a tracker. Can't export to MOD or XM though, only to its native SVOX module format.
  • There's also an unofficial and maybe unsupported? port of MilkyTracker for Android. it's outdated, throws a bunch of errors when you first run it on later versions of Android, but it seems to work normally for me. your mileage may vary.
Not a lot of android-native options - trackers are VERY keyboard-centric so the touchscreen is a big disincentive. That said, if you get yerself a bluetooth keyboard (i recommend rii's mini bluetooth ones. they've got nice clicky buttons instead of rubber calculator-style ones. A mechanical keyboard it ain't, but) then you can mess around with emulating and using a tracker the way the good lord intended:

  • If you're *nixy, you can download termux off and a vnc server. MilkyTracker is in their x11-apps repo and will maybe be more stable.
  • or, you can dive down the wild rabbit hole of android amiga emulators and actually get protracker off aminet
  • or or, you can download one of the Android dosbox ports,  magicdosbox is pretty active and has a free version you can try out. All the classics like fasttracker 2, screamtracker 3 etc, you can get off That's what I've been doing. I was too young to have owned an amiga, but now i can carry a 486 around in my pocket.
Thank you for coming to my ted talk.