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Music database / Datastorm 2014
« on: March 08, 2014, 23:21:10 »
Lots of great new mods from the Datastorm Party:
Music database / FAP - Finnish Amiga Party 2013
« on: December 09, 2013, 22:30:51 »
Last Weekend the FAP 2013 took place. Many nice entries in there, and all Protracker :)

The Results:

Protracker module
===================-- - .

  1st.  6Helix                          by  teel / acc                     (27 pts)
  2nd.  My Sweet Pornostar              by  Jugi / DerHM of Complex        (23 pts)
  3rd.  Astaroth sex cult               by  Jobe                           (14 pts)
  4th.  Emerald Hill Romance            by  Dr.Vector/Megahawks Inc        (11 pts)
  5th.  Kastan Ongasta                  by  Haohmaru / discomeats          (10 pts)
  6th.  Last Amiga Summer               by  TRiACE / DESiRE                (6 pts)
  7th.  In st-01 we trust               by  oo                             (5 pts)
  8th.  ITALIAN STAG LOADER             by  Dr. Vector/Megahawks Inc       (4 pts)
  9th.  jazzflower bebob                by  tecon / planet.jazz ^ desire   (3 pts)
 10th.  Atari Sucks                     by  Copyman/Megahawks Inc          (2 pts)
 11th.  I'm Oldie                       by  MC Coolbeat/Megahawks Inc      (1 pts)
 12th.  No niin                         by  Esko Mursu/Ninja Gefilus       (-1 pts)
 13th.  New Deal                        by  Greippi                        (-3 pts)

All the Mods are here:

All in all a high quality imho for a 2013 PT Compo (and I don't mean my tune in particular)
Music database / 1991 Party
« on: November 28, 2013, 18:12:59 »
Results are online now including some mods:

I also contributed a little mod to the compo, which is already here:

There was also shown a Video-Mixtape I compiled and mixed.
The Mp3-File is available at
Youtube Link for the Video:

The Intro for this is of course an oldskool PT-mod (see attach)
Who, where, when? / Hello from Triace / DJ Arvy
« on: October 05, 2013, 00:31:31 »
Hi there,

another old veteran found his way back "home" and just likes to say hello.

Greets to all therewho keep the "Spirit of Paula" all alive around here....ehm....and of course to the nerd with no taste whou found my mods worthy to store'em here in the database.

Hope to add sum tunes to the 42 on my profile.

If anyone feels to get in touch, go ahead.


If anyone wants to listen to / watch some continous mixes of Protracker mods: I made some (hope they will get a little more) and put them up on youtube:

Mp3 download is possible on soundcloud:


Hope to have a nice stay here; Greetz to the Webmasters: Great job you do, guys :)

Triace aka DJ Arvy
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