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Musician database / IMode
September 19, 2013, 20:02:12

There seem to be two IModes, one from Hungary (extrapolating this from the fact that he's in Exceed and participated in several Hungarian demoparties, and that's the information we have on Demozoo as well), and one from the US (Aaron Yee) from the group Teklordz. At least I assume that they are two distinct persons. The one from the US also seems to go by the name "IonianMode". Or does someone know for sure that they are the same person?
Quote<GargajCNS> so i'm pretty sure
<GargajCNS> - this guy is Miki Litvak
<GargajCNS> and is Oren Kislev

Moondust is Erez Eisen of Infected Mushroom fame. :)
General Discussion / Who is the real Timelord?
July 12, 2013, 23:08:56
A bit more than a month ago, the people at The Mod Archive have been contacted by two persons claiming to be the same tracker artist called [artist]1218[/artist]. This battle has been fought out on Amiga Music Preservation before in 2006, but the AMP admins decided to stay neutral after it has been brought up again in 2013.
I was curious because I really like Timelord's music and so I've done a bit of investigation to find out who's lying. I'm rather confident that I've found the liar and want everyone to be aware of the "real" Timelord, so here's the story I've written about it: - I think there's no reason for AMP to stay neutral anymore after reading those findings.
The heading on the analzyer2.php site references the site itself (see e.g. - that doesn't make sense - why would i want to click on a link that leads to just the same site? I guess it would make more sense to actually link the heading to the module, because right now there seems to be no way to download a module from that site, and you are basically trapped there if you come to analyzer2.php e.g. through a search engine.
Support / Feedback / ModInfo - IT Comments
October 16, 2011, 15:52:23
Looking at the comments section of this IT module, it looks like all "0" characters are removed.
Also, the comments should definitely be presented using a monospace font.