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Newsreel / Re: Jazzcat's debut EP is out
February 07, 2020, 20:44:52
Sorry, Crown, I haven't seen your message before.

This was a digital-only release, but I made some physical CD's and I think there are still a couple left. The CD version also features a bonus - remastered versions of my best known demoscene tracks, including Electricity, Human Traffic and Metropolice.

Please send me your address and I'll send it over to you.

Requests / Luzers - Soundisk
February 07, 2020, 20:11:41
Someone dug out an ancient Luzers music disk from 1990 named Soundisk:

Some of Pavelo tracks from this disk are missing here on AMP and it would be good if you could rip them when you have a sec :)
Salut Sylvain.

I went ahead, translated all comments and fixed typos and other language-related issues.

Initially results were meant to be announced in December, but have been delayed until May'99 issue :) I was waiting for the outcome with impatience , as the first prize was a soundcard!

As for the name I'd suggest Magazyn Amiga Music Competition 1998.

Category: Misc

15 authors
16 music tracks (including 2 by one author)

File formats:
3 XM
1 MMD3

Results (in bottom-up order):
15. Alexander Sanetra 'Theme from Dune' (XM)
14. Tomasz Wodecki 'Sting Theme' (MOD)
13. Piotr Leśnikowski 'O, mamal' (XM)
12. Dominik Kozaczko 'Cottoneye Joe Remix' (MOD)
11. Piotr Malaga for all the music he has done: 'Dziewczę o Lnianych Włosach' (MOD); 'Zepsuty Maluch' (MOD)
10. Sławomir Winconek 'Hangman' (MMD3)
09. Łukasz Macioszek and a track with the catchy title: 'UAUAUAAAUAAAUAAAA' (DBM)
08. Grzegorz Rybok 'Time' (DIGI)
07. Paweł Stelmach 'Kara Konie' (MOD)
06. Dariusz Panchyrz 'Russian Rave' (XM)
05. Jacek Karpeta 'Like' (MOD)
04. Piotr Protasiuk and the rave'ish cover 'Mapple Leaf Rag' (DBM)
03. Wojciech Panufnik 'Mishka C Kookloy' (MOD)
02. Jan Kaliszewski 'Voodka People' (MOD) – a remix of a well-known song, but far away from the original
01. Paweł Rogacewicz and an interesting interpretation of 'The Terminator in G-maj' (DBM)

Category: Jingle

4 authors
4 music tracks

File formats:

Results (in bottom-up order):
04. Łukasz Macioszek 'Smutny' (IFF-8SVX)
03. Piotr Pacyna 'Godzina Pierwsza' (MOD)
02. PaweŁ Rogacewicz 'S.E.D.E.S' (MOD)
01. Marek Jarmulski and a jingle/advert of Magazyn Amiga 'MagJon' (DIGI)

Category: Synth

5 authors
5 music tracks

File formats:
1 ST11 (AY-Player)

Results (in bottom-up order):
05. Michal Bukowski 'Yerzmyey' (ST11)
04. Jacek Karpeta 'Faza 1' (THX)
03. Piotr Pacyna 'Time in The Valley' (THX)
02. Marcin Misiejuk 'Tex' (THX)
01. Stanisław Ostaszewski 'Chinip 23' and that indefinable c64 feeling (THX)

Category: 4ch

31 authors
38 music tracks (including 8 from one author and 1 damaged)

File formats:
33 MOD
1 MMD1
1 ZX Snapshot

Results (in bottom-up order):
30. Łukasz Siedlecki 'Rubin Metal' (MOD)
29. Łukasz Siudziński 'Ela i Kapela' (MOD)
28. Dominik Kozaczko 'Zajączek Remix' (MOD)
27. Michal Szuster 'LeonMix - 0% logiki' (MOD)
26. Rafal Kulik 'No future' (MOD)
25. Konrad Fedyk 'W drodze do nikąd' (MMD1)
24. Adam Trędowski 'Fun' (DIGI)
23. Piotr Malaga for all the music he has done (8 modules) (MOD)
22. Jan Kaliszewski 'Leśny Stworek' (MOD)
21. Marek Jarmulski 'Jazzowanie' (MOD)
20. Konrad Kucharski 'Wiertara' (MOD)
19. Paweł Rogacewicz 'Red loanmover' (MOD)
18. Tomasz Wodecki 'Scorpion deadlock' (MOD)
17. Waldemar Karolewski 'Draft' (MOD)
16. Michal Łapczyński '30 C...' (EMOD)
15. Łukasz Macioszek 'Sen o Miłości' (DBM)
14. Dariusz Panchyrz 'IQuasi' (MOD)
13. Damian Bisewski 'Another Sphere' (MOD)
12. Jacek Karpeta 'Intel Fuck Off' (MOD)
11. Michał Budkowski 'Industrial 3' (ZX Snapshot)
10. Pawel Stelmach 'Shit 2' (MOD)
09. Arkadiusz Pękalski 'Story01' (MOD)
08. Rafał Staniek 'Tribal Trouble' (MOD)
07. Piotr Leśnikowski 'Halcyon' (MOD)
06. Marcin Misiejuk 'Mini(fe)male' (MOD)
05. Piotr Protasiuk 'Swirl' (MOD)
04. Piotr Pacyna 'France'98_Ingame' (MOD)
03. Wojciech Panufnik 'Flip Flap' (MOD)
02. Łukasz Adamczyk "White Sausage" (MOD)
01. StanisŁaw Ostaszewski "Sweet Dreams v01" (MOD)

Category: Multich

21 Authors
21 music tracks

File formats:
5 XM
2 MMD3

Results (in bottom-up order):
21. Piotr Laskowski 'Virtual Love' (DIGI)
20. Aleksander Sanetra 'Inlandia' (XM)
19. Józef Chraplewski 'Perfect Dream' (DBM)
18. Łukasz Siudziński 'Panthers in the shadows' (DBM)
17. Robert Kowalczuk 'I Want You In Storm!' (DBM)
16. Łukasz Macioszek 'Stracona Nadzieja' (DBM)
15. Sławomir Winconek 'Sally' (MMD3)
14. Paweł Niejadlik 'Walking Outside with Personal Hypnotiser' (DBM)
13. Marcin Misiejuk 'Boring' (DBM)
12. Marek Jarmulski 'Zuuluu' (DIGI)
11. Adam Trędowski 'The Day After' (DIGI)
10. Piotr Leśnikowski 'Closet Garden' (XM)
09. Konrad Kucharski 'Afro' (DBM)
08. Piotr Pacyna 'Usticu Title Track' (MOD)
07. Dariusz Panchyrz 'Menku' (XM)
06. Jacek Karpeta and a guitar tune 'Zuzi' (MMD3)
05. Grzegorz Rybok and a pretty nice trance track called 'Land of Tears' (DIGI)
04. Damian Bisewski for the nice melody in 'Golden Heart' (DBM)
03. Jan Kaliszewski 'Wielkie Przestrzenie Cz.2' (XM)
02. Wojciech Panufnik for an amazing, guitar and piano-driven track called 'Passion' (XM)
01. Piotr Protasiuk for a melodious ambient track with a subtle jungle grooves 'Fallout' (DBM)

Newsreel / Jazzcat's debut EP is out
September 25, 2017, 10:45:18
Hello everybody!

I just wanted to let you know that my debut EP (under Melba alias) was released on July by Lemongrass Music. I thought I bump this here in case anyone might have missed it :) Pitchup magazine describes it as a "blend of funk, house, soul and 80's synth-pop" that combines electronics, vocals and real instruments. I think they pretty much hit the nail on the head there.

3 of the tracks are heavily remixed versions of my demoscene works (Human Traffic, Sushi Boys and Sunglasses at Night), while the other 2 songs are new compositions and made for this album.

There are few demosceners among the guests: PSK, Roberts (from Applause) and Dizzy.

EP is available to stream and download from all usual platforms, check it out here:

Visual part and simple lyrics videos were made by Slayer with a little help from AceMan.

You can follow Melba at:


Physical CD will be released in limited quantities on autumn. If you are interested in getting one, please let me know.
Quote from: mld on June 01, 2015, 17:05:53

The scene song Asle is looking for is called "Spaceship 505" and there's two versions... One by ZZZAX in Soundmon format, the other one is a cover by Neurodancer in AHX.

Good job! This one was tough. I've managed to google the answer, but it doesn't count, so I decided not to post it here.

Ok, my turn?

Ye, it's SLL of course:
Quote from: Asle on May 15, 2015, 00:15:34
Definitely Delorean music :)
After digging, it's mod.soul_free, almost certainly !

Man how on earth would I know it's from somewhere else ?!? So, the second question remains without answer from me.

Of course it's Soul Free! The famous Prism soundtrack. Congratz again, Asle. It's great to know there are still people who remember the classics.

I remember being really disappointed when I found out that Delorean's brilliant mod was a part-cover of George Michael's song with the same title:

Axxy, Cannon Fodder? Because of the somewhat reggae piano groove or what? :)
Sylvain, good job on the Doom tune! I had no idea where this melody came from.

So, the next question consists of two parts. The first one is easy - which Amiga module did extensive use of this material:

And the second - who is the original author of this music?
Good job, Mark! It's Jester's tune, indeed. A little hint: the title has something to do with "particles" :-)
Quote from: deus-ex on May 02, 2015, 01:58:48
"A new life awaits you in the off-world colonies" from the great movie Blade Runner.

That was too easy to google :-)

QuoteHere goes a new one. Were did you hear this one before?

Yep, I've thought about posting the same track!
It's Scritti Politti "Boom! There She Was:

Chapeau-bas, Sylvain! I knew I can count on you!

And yes, now it's your turn :-)
Title says it all. Sometimes we hear a song on radio and catch ourselves shouting: hey, I know this! And that's because we have heard this particular riff/melody/vocal/whatever many years ago in a module. It's always fun! So, how about a little guessing game? Someone posts a link to a commercial track (or part of it) that has been used/remixed in a MOD and others try to identify it.

OK, so I start the game. In which module have you heard intro of this song? It's Earth, Wind & Fire "Can't let go":
Music database / Re: mod.= little windmill =
April 28, 2015, 13:19:35
This hungarian guy is a different person, they only shared the same nickname.

Not sure about the Shade. But I vaguely seem to remember Sed's different handles such as Sedin or Mr. Sed. And he was Polish living in Leszno city, close to me.

Music database / mod.= little windmill =
April 28, 2015, 10:55:44 This module was composed by a polish musician named Sed. Unfortunately I can't give any more details on him... I think we met last time in 1994 in a train when going to Gelloween party.
Music database / Re: AMP's Dark Corners
December 27, 2013, 22:12:13
Great topic indeed!

Sometimes I have a feeling there are some great mods around that only I know about :) Yeah, I know, that's probably not true – AMP guys heard more modules than anyone of us.

Let's go then. I decided to start with polish and rather not so popular musicians.

The first one is Pavelo.

Old polish musician known as a member of Luzers group in 1990-1993. He is a kinda mysterious guy to me; I have never met or even seen him.


A track heavily inspired by Vienna by Ultravox. It was used in Ala Ma Kota magazine, I remember listening to it for hours.

Another Baalsong

This is a track in the vein of early 90's Amiga music. So carefree and relaxed... It was used in Defene cos tam – a demo by Luzers if I remember correctly. Can't find it online though.

The second is Roberts.

His music have always sounded "non-polish" to me and I bet he could be a star if he had more luck. Awesome talent. Interesting fact for future encyclopedians – Roberts played some of the guitars in my Smoke and Mirrors demo soundtrack :)

Space Travels

Another one is Mobby.

I've heard his songs in Antydresiarz magazine and instantly fell in love with his joyous, melodious funky tunes.

Funky Orange

And the next one is Don Diavolo.

Overvision 3

Great track from Blaze demo. Original track title is "Fioot".


Very nice, melodious track from Old'n'Cold pack (can't find it online, maybe it was only planned and never released, dunno).

And then we have Dixan05.

For a long time I have been looking for a certain track; I had the melody and samples still in my head after all those years. And I knew it was done by Dixan05. Seemed like it disappeared. But suddenly, few days ago, I've found it on AMP. What a joy it was! Thanks to the person who uploaded it.