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General Discussion / Re: Atari music
January 02, 2014, 14:30:43
Quote from: Asle on December 30, 2013, 23:24:58
I remember having actually seen Graoumpf tracker running on Falcon at a Saturn Party (France). Never seen any prod with this music format, though.

As for myself, I prefer Digital Home Studio, on Falcon. It's a pretty complicated utility indeed but with a standard machine it can play 10 channels in a really good quality.
General Discussion / Re: A problem with OctaMED
January 02, 2014, 14:24:34
OK, thanks a lot! :)
General Discussion / A problem with OctaMED
December 17, 2013, 21:58:36
Hi guys.
I have a question to OctaMED masters.

Here is the OctaMED:

and there is MEM in the left/lower corner.
The first number is the ChipMem, as far as I know. The second one is "Other Mem".
This screenshot probably comes from emulator but the problem is - the "Chipmem" is never so big. It's usually 1Mb or max. 2Mb on real machines, as I noticed.
And now - why this "software" puts all the samples in this small amount of RAM whilst there is no real turbo/memory-addon, supporting the Chip?
Seem like I can have even 128Mb of RAM but if the I have base A500 1Mb (+ the 128Mb), still I will be able to load only 1Mb of samples (!??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) - or 2Mb if I have A1200.
Is there any way to configure it to load samples to extended memory (Other Mem)???????
Plz help.
General Discussion / Re: Atari music
October 09, 2012, 21:38:24
Quote from: Axxy on September 18, 2012, 19:10:27
I was wondering if they used anything like a protracker format?

Who, where, when? / Re: Greetz from Yerz.
October 09, 2012, 21:36:14
Thx man. :)

Well, OK then. It's ready! ;)

...and here is DOWNLOAD:

There are MP3 files recorded from real hardware and also a link (under the Amiga photo) to *.digi modules. :)

Who, where, when? / Re: Greetz from Yerz.
September 04, 2012, 22:35:27
No, I'm not lazy ;) I still make it.
Another one - (still the same A1200 config like mentioned above).

Nice work with the DigiBooster, I admit. It has several bugs but when you learn how to avoid them, it's really a pleasure to use it.

I've been told on some forum that the prog wasn't good so people didn't use it. I'm kinda surprised. I'd rather say it is very comfortable.
Well, probably everybody moved to 030->060 and use Pro. But that's not enough oldschool for me. ;)
Although - who knows, maybe one day. ;)

Who, where, when? / Re: Greetz from Yerz.
August 27, 2012, 20:50:42
Thanks a lot Daxb, I will be testing those possibilities.

And meanwhile I will be finishing this compilation, hopefully it will be something reasonable to listen to. ;)

Who, where, when? / Re: Greetz from Yerz.
August 26, 2012, 21:47:09
Quote from: Axxy on August 26, 2012, 13:23:57
Excellent guesswork!  ;D
Hahahahahahah. :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)

> Hey,
> All compatible material is now on-line. Thanks a lot for provided us with it !
> If you find some more, it'll be welcome.
> Cheers
> Sylvain
No problem at all.
At the moment I don't have any new one songs.
I still work on the new set of A1200 songs. I wanted to make something like 'ambient' stuff but I found that DigiBooster 1.7 has problems with keeping tempo (even if it shows only 53% of CPU's usage). Strange.
Well, I'll have to change the song into something more 'normal' after some time. Loops from TB-303 will not work properly when more channels are used. A pity.
Anyway, when the set is finished, I'd be glad to put here the *.digi files. Especially that I rather cannot count on any software version of the compilation (also on Atari Falcon 030 people publish music-disks in MP3 format).
Ah well... hard luck. ;)

Who, where, when? / Re: Greetz from Yerz.
August 25, 2012, 22:32:59
Quote from: Axxy on August 25, 2012, 18:52:23
QuoteSupposedly thay're mine - in 90s I made several S3Ms on PC for our crazy-demos like this one
Sounds like your not sure?

That's right.
You didn't mention any title.

I'm not any Sherlock Holmes but I tried to make some deduction. ;)
Checked out my S3Ms and I found I do have 6 of them. ;)
So I took a wild guess that we're indeed talkin'bout those S3Ms. ;)

Who, where, when? / Re: Greetz from Yerz.
August 25, 2012, 18:36:20
Quote from: Asle on August 22, 2012, 22:37:22
Now, is there a way to convince you to provide us with _some_ MED/MOD/DIGI you've done in the past ?

Hi again,
here they are:

> Sorry, I`m not familar with OctamedSS and DigiboosterPro on a stock A1200. But you can try it out if it works for you. At least 4 channels will work and maybe 8.
No problem at all, I use the 1.7 version and it works pretty nice on 8 channels and standard CPU.
Even today I finished some rave on it -

> I have half a dozen s3m' which I presume are also by you, but not on your site?
Supposedly thay're mine - in 90s I made several S3Ms on PC for our crazy-demos like this one
but I must admit I don't like them too much, so I don't add them to my site indeed.

Who, where, when? / Re: Greetz from Yerz.
August 24, 2012, 20:57:13
Hi guyz,


> Most welcome here !
This is a nice ambient DigiBooster you've made there. Although, I'm in no place to judge, I rather like :).
Thx a lot dude :) My real first steps on A1200. Aaaaaah! ;)

> Now, is there a way to convince you to provide us with _some_ MED/MOD/DIGI you've done in the past ? Like, do you mind
if I retrieve some material from your website and put it here ?
Hmmm, evenI don't know if I still have our MED files (possibly. Actually You inspired me to make some investigation among my diskettes ;) to find the stuff :) ).
As for MODs, I should have everything. Or most of it.
Here they are:
Over 3,5Mb. I willingly ;) admit some of them have been made on ZX Spectrum and Atari ST (and XL), so I hope You will not shoot me because of it. ;) The truth is, even while making those ones, I had to use Amiga500 too - to test them, to make some corrections, loops on samples and so on. So maybe it still does count? ;)

As for the *.digi files, for now I have them only on Amiga HDD, so I would have to copy them. But it is A1200 this time, so there shouldn't be any problem with that.
However I admit the *.digi files are pretty huge because now I wasn't forced to pay attention to RAM restrictions ;) . I'm sure those songs' files could be make much smaller but there was actually not reason for it. They're not for demo or anything like that (no games for 1200 and demos are only for 060 CPUs, when mostly MP3 files are used as music - so actually I'm useless, hahahah), so I just took as much RAM as I wanted to. ;)
I will copy the files soon, I presume.

> In any event, welcome again (from Paris) and please, continue your wonderful creation (AY or Amiga ;) ).
Thx a lot. And yes - I do, I do. I finished some stuff for one ZX demo and two games, and now I'm back to Amiga1200, so probably tomorrow I will start another song.
It's a really cool thing.


> Why not using DigiboosterPro 2 instead? IMHO much better then 1.x.
Ah, I don't know if I mentioned.
I was especially looking for original A1200 model. Well - more/less original. ;)
So I have 10 Mb, yes, but the CPU is still the original one - 020.
DigiBooster Pro supposedly works only on higher CPUs. At least so I've been told.

> Or use OctamedSoundStudio what is free.
Hmm. That's interesting. Did it work on standard A1200 and had full 8channels? (With full 8 volumes on every channel?)

Best wishes,
Who, where, when? / Greetz from Yerz.
August 22, 2012, 13:31:25
Hi there.

I make music on Amiga since 1994. Until today actually.

Mostly I used Amiga 500 1Mb.
Soft - OctaMED (mainly 4ch music, rarely - 6ch and 8ch music).
They're mostly situated here - (not all of them 'though).

Lately I bought Amiga 1200, 10Mb + HDD8Gb and CF card. With standard CPU.
I started to make 8channels songs in DigiBooster 1.7.
Like this one -
I plan to make much more 8ch songs using the A1200.

Greetz to all the Forum's users.