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Audio Trackers & Players / Music Tracker Base
« on: February 21, 2014, 10:55:06 »
If names like Ultimate Soundtracker, Scream Tracker, ProTracker, Impulse Tracker, FastTracker, Renoise sound very close to your ears you’ve come to right place.
Then, welcome to the most comprehensive database of music tracking software on the internet.
Currently it is in an embryo condition, but i do my best to fill it with all needed information, as fast as i can.
I’m working on this project alone, so updating will be quite slow. Please, be patient.
And finally, i can rest assure you, that this insane idea will not be abandoned until all tracker programs on all available platforms released till 2020 will be fully reviewed here.


If you have any information or some suggestions don’t hesitate to drop me a line via this address:
s p 8 0 8  [ a t }  d i s r o o t . o r g
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