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Regarding sample info and that: would it be possible to implement some alternative display options giving various levels of detail (show sample names, show author comments, show both, show neither) in the module lists?  This would save opening new windows all over the place, and it means people could either quickly browse a module list, or expand the author comments to decide which mods were best to download, and so on...  Of course the light-bulb system would still be useful if you only want to read the info for one song.
Quote from: Asle on September 02, 2009, 16:11:48Both tunes listed come from the Amiga demo Love, by Virtual Dreams. You'll get the "real" names of the musics here :

Yes, that was exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks a lot!
New features / Re: Download basket
September 02, 2009, 15:21:33
Quote from: MagnarTBL on August 24, 2009, 18:29:41
Monty wrote in a separate request, "my idea was to implement a download basket you can fill with mods and receive later by email in one big archive."

This idea by Monty really caught my eye. Because, a download basket is something I would really love to see here on AMP!

I'd just like to register my support for this feature too - especially the 'download all' thing.

The thing which really bugs me about the current setup is how the links in the modlist don't actually link straight to the file to download - they link to a new (and mostly blank) webpage, which makes it very awkward downloading lots of tunes at once, what with either having to keep clicking the 'back' button or constantly opening new windows...

If there are technical problems to implementing a basket, like Asle said, fixing this would do nicely.
Music Request / Searching for a ripped Jogeir mod...
September 02, 2009, 15:04:13
Hi.  I am purely an Amiga music enthusiast, never having actually owned or used one of the noble machines myself - but I have a large collection of ProTracker songs, and I really enjoy this website and especially finding out more about the authors beyond mysterious names in the sample list!

My principal source of Amiga tunes (until I discovered AMP) was a CD collection supplied with Digital Symphony, a mid-90s tracker for Acorn RISC OS computers.  Sadly many of the files on it are of dubious provenance indeed.  In particular, I would like to know a bit more about a set of two mods which I have reason to believe were composed by Jogeir Liljedahl: 'VDLOVE1' and 'VDLOVE2'.

Obviously these aren't their original names.  They look like they were ripped from some production, and I'd like to find the originals.  'VDLOVE2' I have since identified as 'mystified', but any information about the other one or any knowledge of the source would be appreciated!

Also, I am a fan of Jogeir's work in general - does anyone have any 'hot tips' for particularly good tunes?