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Music database / Re: Demodays 2013
« on: November 16, 2013, 22:10:55 »
thank you, xmplay says generic mod 12 channels,i don't know  why someone uses that extension.
Music database / Re: Demodays 2013
« on: November 16, 2013, 18:47:45 »
FST.orgasmic-chipper2k13.gz   has a .FST file extension type inside , how to open it? what program/player ?

Hi, thanks. That cdrom was for dos, and there were also amiga protracker modules, of course.
I would like to download the whole MASSIVE MOD COLLECTION cdrom
from anywhere, it's a cdrom from PowerSource Multimedia USA called simply  "Massive Mod Collection", as you can see here  it is a 90's cd unavailable now, because is too old.  I had it in 1994 but it is ruined . It had some interesting modules that i have never found anywhere else. so please if some one have it please upload in some file locker so we'll can take it.
It has 2500 modules.   I tried to contact the ace942's email but it is no more available.

I already have mods anthology (4 cds)   ORIGINAL
bought and sent from germany many years ago , i'm in italy.

I cant' recognize some modules that i had and liked  in the massive mod collection cdrom because i don't remember the filenames and the authors/artists.
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