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Music database / Xenopraxis musics
« on: May 28, 2013, 12:59:15 »
Xenopraxis contributed some of his musics a few days ago on the FTP.
They are now online.

Huge thanks for that !
Announcements / down
« on: May 23, 2013, 18:45:11 »
Hi all,

 Darth Nefelim notified me about the unfortunate end of the great site, that happened last month. I feel sorry such a respected, historic collection closes down. Still, a big thank you to its admins/users for the good dozen years of success.
 With that, here follows the end message as written by Yero:
Dear friends,

After more than ten years (2000-2013) providing a meeting point for musicians of the modscene, has been closed down. During all this time the site has hosted more than 1400 artists, 4700 tunes, 4000 comments, 200 news and 100 forum topics, which prove the success of our community.

However, during the last four years the site has suffered from a severe decrease in activity, which follows the trend of other modscene and demoscene sites in general.

We hope that all you had a good time in, and that you remember those times with fond :)

Finally, I want to thank the people who have worked hard first to build the site and then to maintain this site and the IRC channel active, specially to Herotyc, Likuid, sole, JosSs, Alpha C, DSteele, and Sergeeo, and also to Mityorn and Recena for the hosting at and scenesp, respectively.

Files upload / Disc-Man
« on: May 13, 2013, 19:13:53 »
Disc-Man uploaded some more material on the FTP (or I assume it's his upload ;) ).
Thanks for that. However, some remarks:
- MOD.demon sword -> is this your work ? if so, the "(C) X-RAY & BOB" represent which one of you then :)
- XM.MMX -> is that really the title ?
- XM.graapus -> I assume it was yours.

All material is now on-line, save the first two first listed files. It shows in today's additions.

Thanks again
All the best
Music database / Ethernal Worlds - musics
« on: May 10, 2013, 22:38:30 »
While checking this prod, I was stuck with two MO3 for which there was no credit.
So I searched for authors and found Venire, the coder of this musicdisk. I half-heartedly asked for authorship of both tunes and all originals as well (while I was there ;) ). Didn't really expect much aside a nice answer with details regarding how a 10 years old prod isn't really around the nearest HD :).
And it happens I received a reply the next day, with a freshly made up link to all the originals, and a warm reply !

Now, isn't that nice ? heh. Well, the very file was made publicly available back in 2003, he explained. Still, I'm happy for the nice and quick reply I received back, there.

I'm too tired to proceed the file now, but I will tomorrow.
Music database / MOD.chiplove
« on: May 04, 2013, 23:30:28 »
Thanks to Zeg, we now have correct credit for MOD.chiplove.
It is by Dweezil, under the pseudo Superninja.
We had it stored twice, to Bruno and Heatbeat !.
I've fixed it now.

Viele Danke Zeg !
Music database / MOVED: Phaze/Phluid
« on: May 03, 2013, 16:28:43 »
Musician database / Phaze/Phluid
« on: May 03, 2013, 16:27:46 »

 While processing the various ACiD musicdisks by Phluid (which are here), I was able to complete a bit Phluid members. That includes Phaze for whom I got maybe too many information, as the issue #44 is dedicated to his passing away.

 I'm sorry to discover this musician only now. Granted, this is not Amiga related but his tracking skills are real great. I'm sorry about the news, but not sorry to ear his work now.

 I'm thankful for his contributions to the scene music and may he rest in peace.
Music database / 90 year old - XM
« on: April 22, 2013, 14:29:04 »
While retrieving the musics from Legend 5 (PC diskmag from 2001), I've found the attached music (XM._90 year old).
I've got a problem with it as it's credited to Falcon and KeyG in the mag (and the music) whereas AMP stores the very music as 'XM.90 year old', but credited to Lesnik.
Maybe there's some explanation in the mag but it's all in Polish :(.

Any help getting proper credit would be welcome.

New features / FAQ
« on: April 21, 2013, 19:02:35 »
Not really a new feature, but the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) was updated. I've changed various outdated parts and turned it to a less offensive approach, I hope.
Any feedback is welcome.

Music Request / Zalza Versus The World
« on: April 16, 2013, 14:04:43 »

 I'd like to gather all musics featured in the MS-Windows musicdisk "Zalza vs the world" (by Titan) ( However, the musics don't seem to be easily accessible.
 I've sent a mail on Titan's web site requesting said musics. Has anyone succeeded at retrieving them ? If so, please share :)

Music database / Revision 2013
« on: April 12, 2013, 13:23:48 »
Hey all,

 A little late, but I've finally added the musics (AMP compatible) that entered the Revision 2013 party.

     :----- executable music oldskool                                     :

       01  335 Arkanoid's Revenge by Factor6 / H-Prg^GembaBoys .(spectrum)
       02  302 Abnormal People by Response/Darklite^Hoaxers ...(C64 music)
       03  277 Mini-bus and us by Winks/FairLight .............(C64 music)
       04  264 Starslug by AceMan (AHX)
       05  245 Rainmaking by Jazzcat / Ghostown (AHX)
       06  228 rox0r by fieserWolF/METALVOTZE .................(C64 music)
       07  215 Revasion by serpent/brainstorm, nectarine (AHX)
       08  209 Groove Machine by michu/TiTAN ..................(C64 music)
       09  199 Out And About by Shinobi, nectarine ............(C64 music)
       09  199 Odor Of Poo by bod/ATW ...............................(NSF)
       11  194 Substral Hyperwaves IV by Xiny6581/Hitmen/DSS/Dees Productions (C64 music)
       12  192 Abyss Raw AHX (Compo Edit) by Dano & _V_ / Padua (AHX)
       13  174 Barcode by radiantx/Panda Design ...............(C64 music)
       14  171 The Drone by spiked-maniac^Mr-Z^Davizion/Edge of Panic (C64 music)

     :----- executable music newskool                                     :

       01  313 Nebula by Winks/FairLight
       02  294 Aquamarine by xtrium/LNX
       03  264 Sundrops And Rainshine by SunSpire/Titan / SSR / SceneSat
       04  253 Phor Phanden by Punqtured/Fnuque
       05  245 One bit should be enough for everybody by Izard/Inque
       06  227 Lanterns by AceMan (HVL)
       07  219 2 weeks from scratch by Kalachnikov/d'Oh!
       08  179 Monotonous by BeRo/Farbrausch

     |----- tracked music                                                 |

       01  691 Pattern Skank by h0ffman / Unstable Label ^ Focus Design (MOD)
       02  386 Hell's Devils by Esau / Traktor (MOD)
       03  330 Arrival by Saga Musix/Nuance (IT)
       04  319 Jumping Beans by xtrium/LNX (XM)
       05  282 My temper again by bacter/speckdrumm (IT)
       06  277 Voyage 314 by Captain JiNX (MOD)
       07  275 Deep House Girls by Jazzcat / Ghostown (MOD)
       08  270 Beyond the Valley of the Ultrasubi by Subi/Desire (MOD)
       09  265 Zico by Mystra/Brainstorm^Nectarine (XM)
       10  259 Fantaisie en azerty by lroy/nectarine AND serpent/brainstorm, nectarine (XM)
       11  256 Suh Warrior by Kalachnikov/d'Oh! (XM)
       12  254 Crystal Knights by Natrox/IGAD (XM)
       13  253 chipjet by mu6k/Brainstorm (IT)
       14  247 Inside Journey by BeRo/Farbrausch (IT)
       15  234 Mind Prisonner by transient/ (XM)
       16  187 881 Bytes by Terwiz/Alumni (XM)
Announcements / Rink A Dink Redux - music
« on: April 04, 2013, 01:36:00 »

 I'm happy to report that Paradroid shared the original musics that are featured in the aforementioned demo. Those are the three first musics in today's report. In the demo, those are in P61A format.
 While I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for Paradroid's move, I wish originals musics were shared more commonly, along with releases.

 Please, coders, musicians, help us collecting original material :)


PS: the demo is here (and on pouet as well)
Ripping Amiga music / Binary - Phobia
« on: March 08, 2013, 16:37:16 »

 Back 1999, I wrote a depacker for the specific format that can be found in the musicdisk Phobia by Binary. I called it "Binary Packer" (heh). Then in 2007, Muerto asked me to add it to Prowiz, which I did (I think). Anyway, Curt Cool recently updated this prod on Kestra and noted the specific format.
 I dug up my dusty sources and planed to work on it again. OK, so, I wanted a clean disk rip this time, but ... couldn't figure out the NDOS disk crunch format. I asked Cybfree for help and he wrote a decruncher in no time !! (you're the man).
 My old conversion prog was based on memory rips. After checking, it's still valid. What was missing, however, was to retrieve all the musics, which is now done, thanks to Cybfree :).
 Search for "Joe" in today's additions.

 If anyone is interested in the format or some code, please just ask. As for the decrunch tool by Cybfree, please, contact him at his website ( - site in French, mostly) or here, as he reads this forum.

Announcements / Tecon interview
« on: March 04, 2013, 16:54:10 »
A more mundane news. Tecon has contacted me (Asle) and has been kind enough to answer to a few questions. His interview is now available for reading here.

Huge thanks for the interview (and the original of MOD.offworld !).

Announcements / server reshape
« on: March 01, 2013, 20:21:08 »

 Monty reshaped a bit the OS, running AMP. It unfortunately led to a complete formating of the HD and thus, led also to a reboot. All musics are being re-uploaded as I write this message. Should take a few hours. I'll update this message when this is done.
 We apologize for the inconvenience during this period.

UPDATE: musics are now available ! FTP is up as well.

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