Uploads (2013-01)

Started by Asle, January 26, 2013, 15:39:07

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First, a huge thanks to Independent for the numerous contributions (and in this case, Dusty's musics).
Now, Asyntote's musics (Axxy ?) are on-line. There's one, S3M.Forgotting-you which is defective, missing about 14kb of sample data. Any chance to put your hands on a complete version ? Also, do you have any idea where this music comes from ?

As a general note, please, provide us with an uploader's name in the archives. Makes contacting easier :)

Thanks again to all


Hi Asle

Absolutely no idea where it came from. While doing some research for Asyntote' modules I came across a link from Aminet (anyone remember Aminet? lol)... http://aminet.net/package/mods/s3m/asy_4u. Apart from that, can't shed any light on anything over 18 years ago, at my age I'm finding it hard to remember what I was doing last week!! ;D

When you say, "14kb of sample data" is missing?    ???

It seems to play fine in modplug player, but gets truly mangled in xmplay near the end.


The size of the last sample is missing. check the 'modinfo' (available now).
However, when adding 14977 bytes (80h), it still can't play. weird. Some further checking needed.
And Aminet's file is the same as the one you've provided.

EDIT: wait, 16bit samples for Screamtracker 3.1 ??

EDIT2: ok, adding 14977*2 80h bytes gets it to be replayed. but ... something's wrong with my ripper or my modinfo, here. And samples are definitely bad :)

EDIT3: I've forced the last two samples to 8bit and it's all fine now. I guess old replays/trackers didn't care about this 16bit feature that wasn't supported by Screamtracker. File is available anew.