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Started by maep, May 31, 2015, 01:15:33

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I wrote and maintain the audio code on Nectarine. For a while I've been working on a project to create a comprehensive acoustic fingerprint database for all the scene music. The original idea was to have dupe detection and automatic linking to various archive sites. I finished indexing, right now I'm going through Modarchive. I'm using Bass for decoding, so the essential module formats are supported

I'd like to add AMP to the index, unless there are any objections. The crawler would just go through all module ids. I can throttle it down if required. For example, I'm hitting Modarchive with 1000 requests/hour.

The fingerprint database will be open for anyone to query. Code is here:


Hi Maep,

Index at will. I just have one request : please report any problem you encounter (valid ID but broken download).
Keep us updated. Sounds interesting :)



Ok, I've started running the crawler. Right now I'm doing one module per second. Lemme know it that is to much. I'm doing ids 1 through 10000. Pending how it goes I'll do a bigger batch after that.

If you have questions post here or ping me on IRC: #nectarine on or #amigaexotic on ircnet