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Amiga Music Preservation (AMP), a non profit association, is running the biggest and most comprehensive database ever about amiga music and amiga musicians. All the composers of the amiga deserve to be remembered and to have their work preserved. We tried all we could on our own but although it's growing all the time, now we seriously need you to help us one way or another.

25.06.2019 (19:00) - We reached 150.000+ modules - by Crown
Today is a new milestone for the Amiga Music Preservation Website as we now host more than 150.000 musics. It took 19 years and a lot of time and efforts from truly passionate people. :)

On behalf of the team (Asle, Curt Cool, Monty) I want to thank all supporters and contributors for making it possible.

There are still tons of Amiga music to be preserved so please keep providing us with missing modules, information, etc. so that we have 20+ years of work.  :)

Have a lovely day!

The AMP Team

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31.03.2019 (21:15) - new server and collateral changes - by Asle
To all our users,

 Going back a few weeks ago, we have migrated AMP to a new server (taking care of PHP7 mandatory upgrades and the like). The announcement is only made now since we have had various difficulties here and there.
 You can see one of the consequences in the Forum. The old design wouldn't fit anymore with this way more up-to-date version. The second main consequence is the FTP which had to go. The way our new server is set up wouldn't let us easily create an FTP sever. We opted for a cloud solution (Nextcloud). That way, whoever wants to send us something needs only to drop that "something" on https://amp.dascene.net/upload/.

Sylvain for AMP staff

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01.01.2019 (02:05) - 2019 - by Asle
In the name of AMP admins, I wish you all a happy new years 2019.

This new year message was lost in space in recent years but then, I thought it was nice to show there's still some life around here, so here we are.
It was a bit quieter than the previous years, activity wise. Still, about 3600 musics were added. and the usual bunch of updates happened as well (music and musicians, of course).

I must, once again, thank way too many people to make a list. You all know who you are. A special, thank you, however, to all musicians/coders who provide us with the original material (MOD) when applicable. While it is still not a common practice, it certainly is VERY much appreciated when it happens !

I hope we still stand when celebration time comes next year. And until such time, I wish everybody all the best, once again, for 2019


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09.09.2018 (10:10) - New AMP logos - by Crown
We have received a new logo from Yomaru Kasuga (thanks a lot buddy, we love it) and as you probably know we get crazy when we receive your GFX creations. So if you have some talent in designing logos please send them to us!

For your information, we have created a specific topic in the forum: /forum/index.php/board,21.0.html

You can also browse through all logos that we have received over the years: /logos.php

Looking forward to see them rolling.  :)

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29.08.2018 (14:09) - Login to the Forum - by Crown

If you happen to have lost your PW to the Forum, please use the following link to retrieve it: http://amp.dascene.net/forum/index.php?action=reminder

We had an SMTP issue that prevented it to work which has now been corrected.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The AMP Team

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01.02.2015 (15:31) - Protracker tutorial - by Asle
 Our friend (and outstanding musician) Wasp is working on a global tutorial of "how to use protracker" on YT.
 It's all here.
 The first three episodes are already there at the time of writing this news.

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10.12.2014 (10:15) - Thanatos (Daniel Dimitrijevic) passed away - by Crown
We were just informed that Daniel Dimitrijevic (AKA Thanatos) sadly passed away on January, 2nd, 2014. I had had the pleasure of meeting him back in 1991, at the Iris New Year Conference, in company of Doh. We send our warmest condolences to his widow.

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01.01.2014 (13:45) - 2014 - by Asle
And here we are. Yet another year has come and gone. 2013 was nice, but it's now 2014.

The usual "log" of what happened, here, follows:
7200+ musics added
~400 musics were updated
1100+ authors were added and/or updated
100+ groups were added and/or updated
50+ pics were added

News wise, Crown has made some appearances throughout the year and 2014 could see his come back :). Curt Cool is lost somewhere in Australia. Nothing much to report for the others.

That's about it. Remains to wish you all a happy new year 2014, that, in the name of all AMP team.

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30.12.2013 (23:13) - demozoo - by Asle
 At last, demozoo is open to public !
 It still has rough edges, but it's already looking great. So, all the best to you, Menace, and your team for this nice looking project :)

 I'll try to follow what's happening.

PS: And, of course, linking musics from AMP is more than welcome. Should something be done on our end, please, tell me/us.

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01.09.2013 (13:36) - 130.000 - by Asle
Well, here we are : 130.000 tracked musics are now registered on AMP.

This was made possible by the tireless contributors, on and off the headlights. To all, here's a renewed thanks for still feeding the beast :).

More stuff to come, of course, as the todo list doesn't seem to diminish at all ... *geee*.
Special hello(s) to Independent and Axxy for the massive contributions.

The AMP team.
PS: in case of doubt, please send us any material anyway. We'll handle it.

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18.08.2013 (19:37) - Kestra / Bitworld demo database is now V2.0 - by Asle
This is the new version 2.0, codename: JANEWAY

Same old team of people who care about Amiga demo preservation.

>> Kestra / Bitworld database V2

The Kestra Team and especially PHP master AGS, tireless admin Curt Cool, Zeg and collectors Asle and Menace/SPB presents V2.0 of BitWorld! (Or Kestra, depending how long you've been following us!)

If you've linked to us on Facebook/Youtube/Pouet etc., you have to do nothing. The old links are (301) directed to the new site automatically with no fuss.

- inline screenshots with hover in searches
- link support for mp3/ogg generation of .mod etc
- link support for Youtube recordings
- More information
- More ways to interconnect prods by author, pack, party, etc
- tag system

And remember: If you have disks that we don't, contact our team. We would love to preserve and document them for posterity! 8|

We are also in #amigaexotic on IRCNet, as usual.

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23.05.2013 (18:45) - Modulez.org down - by Asle
Hi all,

 Darth Nefelim notified me about the unfortunate end of the great modulez.org site, that happened last month. I feel sorry such a respected, historic collection closes down. Still, a big thank you to its admins/users for the good dozen years of success.
 With that, here follows the end message as written by Yero:
Dear friends,

After more than ten years (2000-2013) providing a meeting point for musicians of the modscene, modulez.org has been closed down. During all this time the site has hosted more than 1400 artists, 4700 tunes, 4000 comments, 200 news and 100 forum topics, which prove the success of our community.

However, during the last four years the site has suffered from a severe decrease in activity, which follows the trend of other modscene and demoscene sites in general.

We hope that all you had a good time in modulez.org, and that you remember those times with fond :)

Finally, I want to thank the people who have worked hard first to build the site and then to maintain this site and the IRC channel active, specially to Herotyc, Likuid, sole, JosSs, Alpha C, DSteele, and Sergeeo, and also to Mityorn and Recena for the hosting at metamacro.com and scenesp, respectively.


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23.04.2013 (16:03) - AMP Player app for iOS - by Crown
Our Finnish friend Aleksi Sitomaniemi has just released an AMP player APP for Apple OS (iPhone, etc.) which you can find here!

Here is a quote from Aleski: "I have created an iPhone application that connects to http://amp.dascene.net for doing composer/module searches. App is capable of downloading modules and playing them back (I'm using un4seen bass engine for playback, so supporting the most common formats, but not all of them). It started as a get-to-know iOS project when I was suddenly out of project in my job at spring, and was on hold for a couple of months while I had more time-demanding paid work to attend, but I'm pretty happy with current version and looking forward to releasing it to app store.

Thanks Aleksi. Btw looking forward to your AMP related get-to-know Android project.  ;)

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04.04.2013 (01:36) - Rink A Dink Redux - music - by Asle

 I'm happy to report that Paradroid shared the original musics that are featured in the aforementioned demo. Those are the three first musics in today's report. In the demo, those are in P61A format.
 While I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for Paradroid's move, I wish originals musics were shared more commonly, along with releases.

 Please, coders, musicians, help us collecting original material :)


PS: the demo is here (and on pouet as well)

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04.03.2013 (16:54) - Tecon interview - by Asle
A more mundane news. Tecon has contacted me (Asle) and has been kind enough to answer to a few questions. His interview is now available for reading here.

Huge thanks for the interview (and the original of MOD.offworld !).


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