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AMP's concern is to update our composers database as frequently as possible. Therefore, you are able to check our newest update and browse it. All musicians that used tracker programs for composing music scores are listed here. Thus, if you don't see your name please email us and you'll be included in the database very soon. Remember that not only sound/noise/protacker module composers are listed here! Please contact us for any misspellings and/or missing information.

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Handle: Jaffa
Real Name: Joakim Hedström
Country: Sweden
Groups: 0-Dezign, Asylum Inc. (Asylum), Hellforce, Sug R0r (Sugrør)

Handle: Steel
Real Name: n/a
Country: Germany
Groups: Real

Handle: Dr. Retro
Real Name: Lars Knudsen
Country: Denmark
Groups: Defacto2 (DF2), Gateway To Infinity pc (GTi), Renegades, Triloxy (TLY)

Handle: Fat Agnus
Real Name: Tobias Bergsten
Country: Sweden
Groups: Hellforce

Handle: X-Ball
Real Name: Marko Nowacki
Country: Poland
Groups: bBd, Bohema, Decree (DCR), Distorted, High Voltage (HV - HV!), Nah-Kolor (NAH), Nevtos, Optimal Ephex, Potion (PTN), RedBullz, Sative Mea (SEA)

Handle: Daniel Wieland
Real Name: Daniel Wieland
Country: Finland
Groups: n/a

Handle: GGMix
Real Name: n/a
Country: Unknown
Groups: n/a

Handle: Bernhard Arenz
Real Name: Bernhard Arenz
Country: Germany
Groups: n/a

Handle: Eric Pauker
Real Name: Eric Pauker
Country: USA
Groups: n/a

Handle: Eddy Jason
Real Name: Esa Jaatinen
Country: Finland
Groups: n/a

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