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AMP has created a FTP site whose purpose is to make your uploads easier. For security reasons our FTP is set to blind mode so that explains why you cannot "see" the files you have just uploaded. We invite you to provide AMP's staff with anything related to the Amiga scene. We are of course seeking for previews, non-released, old and new modules as well as scanned pictures and utilities. If possible, check the module list available in the Download page so that you don't send us audio files we already host. If some of your modules have the same name but are different in size from the ones we have then please send them to us anyway because we collect long and short versions of ALL modules.

AMP is also interested in all the internal member lists and Amiga Demos, Packs, Diskmags, etc.. you may have. We wish you to contact us before uploading them because we have gathered quite a few already.

Please read the following lines before you upload anything:

- If you intend to upload modules then we suggest you to make a separate zip file for each author (ex. Heatbeat.zip, Groo.zip), so that we know which mods belong to whom. If you don't have time to create separate zip files then upload a zip file with your name and email address (ex. uploads_performer.zip) so that we can get in touch with you if some of the packed files are truncated. Make sure that the zip file you are about to upload is not broken.

- If you want to upload a scanned picture please make sure that it has the handle of the musician as file name (ex. Razmo.JPG). Multiple scanned pictures upload should also be zipped as it eases our work (ex. Mantronix_pics.zip).

- Do NOT upload MP3, OGG, etc. audio files because they take too much hard drive space and we usually just delete them. There is no chance they ever appear in AMP's website.

- Do NOT upload filled interview forms! Instead you should email them to Crown as he the one responsible for sorting interviews and author information.

- Scene demos can be uploaded as DMS or ADF files. Ask for our demo list if you wish to know what productions we have in our possession.

Your support helps us preserve the scene material and makes it possible for anyone to find out what the Amiga music scene really is about. It's our common capital. No matter how small your contribution may be, it's IMPORTANT to us!

Follow this simple procedure and log yourself in to our 24/7 ftp server:

Login: anonymous

Password: your email address

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