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Handle: Cerror
Real Name: Roelof Johan Calling Heerspink
Lived in: The Netherlands
Ex.Handles: XYCE [Xylo and Cerror], Roel Heerspink, Roelof J. C. Heerspink
Was a member of: Fromage (FR), MoonCell, NGen, Northern Dragons, Titan (TTN), Tostysquad (TSQ)

Modules: 269  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: 5  online

.:: 269 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
   4kSiD Cerror MOD 1Kb 222
#ClasS#[TsQ] Cerror XM 6Kb 193
---Sfere--- Cerror XM 10Kb 189
3L3cTr0n1c mU51 Cerror IT 266Kb 186
663482 Cerror MOD 2Kb 203
8 bit crap Cerror XM 69Kb 211
8bit groof Cerror XM 81Kb 186
>>P|_aT00n<< Cerror IT 20Kb 185
Albert Heyn sucks D- Cerror MOD 7Kb 215
Alive in Japan Cerror & Mexs XM 8Kb 294
all of me Cerror IT 4Kb 199
AMIGA = COOL! Cerror MOD 18Kb 240
And Why? Cerror IT 2Kb 189
Argh mc Cerror XM 10Kb 186
arrrgghhh Cerror XM 1Kb 247
At Last! experimenta Cerror XM 613Kb 187
Atari Close Call 3 Cerror XM 5Kb 198
atari loop Cerror IT 1Kb 232
atari loop2 Cerror IT 1Kb 205
aventure au japon Cerror & Xylo XM 34Kb 83
B80's Cerror XM 20Kb 182
B81 Cerror XM 23Kb 176
B83 Cerror XM 23Kb 183
back in action Cerror XM 6Kb 189
bagger Cerror XM 26Kb 190
bar rocks Cerror XM 9Kb 184
bass.mod Cerror XM 3Kb 178
BAware Cerror XM 20Kb 180
be I drunk? Cerror XM 31Kb 249
beakortolaris Cerror XM 10Kb 189
beer! Cerror MOD 3Kb 201
Bioslock Cerror XM 11Kb 71
bitburger Cerror XM 72Kb 14
Black And White! Cerror XM 4Kb 173
Black and White! Cerror MOD 4Kb 181
bobmberclone_2 Cerror XM 11Kb 181
bobmberclone_3 Cerror XM 12Kb 175
Boebeltjebap Cerror MOD 14Kb 201
Boermaat Cerror XM 13Kb 174
Boes Boes! Cerror MOD 3Kb 199
Bubbletjetap Cerror MOD 6Kb 193
calc Cerror XM 13Kb 179
Casino Nights Cerror XM 13Kb 181
cerreur Cerror XM 6Kb 200
CerroR-Atari_02 Cerror XM 1Kb 190
CerroR-DragonBallZ Cerror IT 332Kb 188
cerror-peppiandkokki Cerror XM 271Kb 186
CerroR-Sonic3 Cerror IT 150Kb 182
Chemical Plant Cerror XM 13Kb 191
chessnut grove Cerror XM 28Kb 188
Chicken run Cerror XM 15Kb 185
Chipadayaa Cerror IT 1Kb 172
Christmass_02 Cerror FST 6Kb 187
Classchip Cerror IT 238Kb 175
clockwerck Cerror IT 521Kb 90
CloseCall Cerror MOD 3Kb 174
CloseCall #1 Cerror MOD 3Kb 177
CloseCall #2 Cerror MOD 2Kb 176
CloseCall #3 Cerror MOD 4Kb 180
CloseCall #5 Cerror IT 7Kb 184
CloseCall tune # 4 Cerror XM 7Kb 191
CloseCall#5 Cerror XM 2Kb 171
coma  story Cerror MOD 4Kb 178
contribution sux Cerror XM 53Kb 204
conversation with a Cerror MOD 2Kb 185
CP_01 Cerror MOD 2Kb 174
CP_02 Cerror MOD 2Kb 175
CP_04 Cerror MOD 2Kb 179
crashed aeroplane Cerror & Mexs MOD 7Kb 232
credo Cerror XM 177Kb 179
Cultureel uitje Cerror XM 10Kb 199
D&B Cerror XM 421Kb 173
Dans la rue Cerror & Xylo XM 16Kb 103
DeathFromAbove Cerror XM 30Kb 191
deedeltidee Cerror XM 11Kb 182
Defragment Cerror XM 11Kb 71
demotype Cerror XM 37Kb 196
Diamond Caves Cerror XM 4Kb 186
Dingling Balls Cerror XM 5Kb 187
dintro Cerror MOD 4Kb 190
dintro2 Cerror MOD 4Kb 179
dintro3 Cerror MOD 4Kb 186
dintro4 Cerror MOD 5Kb 194
dintro5 Cerror MOD 5Kb 182
dmo_song_1 Cerror XM 27Kb 172
domo arigato Cerror XM 19Kb 187
Don't go 2 church Cerror IT 2576Kb 188
Ducky Cerror IT 73Kb 177
EB  Ness' House Cerror IT 29Kb 173
eglise Cerror & Xylo MOD 19Kb 22
END ALL LEVELS Cerror MOD 46Kb 194
euphoria Cerror XM 19Kb 194
Exceptance Cerror XM 4Kb 170
Exceptance2 Cerror XM 25Kb 182
expatarimental Cerror XM 6Kb 181
Falcon Cerror FST 73Kb 176
Falcon Cerror OCT 73Kb 69
feetwiggler Cerror & Alk & Xylo & Mr. Z XM 58Kb 134
FightForForce DBZ Me Cerror XM 11Kb 220
for funky fish Cerror XM 19Kb 310
for mexs Cerror XM 19Kb 185
for psypuls Cerror XM 17Kb 184
For Puls Cerror MOD 3Kb 191
format c Cerror XM 12Kb 196
format c.other Cerror XM 11Kb 191
Fred is dead ;-( Cerror XM 12Kb 185
fucked Cerror XM 9Kb 198
Garbage on TiTAN Cerror & Funky Fish XM 18Kb 74
GAY-ties Cerror MOD 1Kb 186
gba_intro_loop Cerror XM 33Kb 189
gb_asshole Cerror MOD 2Kb 179
gb_fuckU whickedsick Cerror MOD 3Kb 189
Genesis I Cerror MOD 5Kb 76
Girls suck Cerror MOD 4Kb 205
Google Cerror S3M 31Kb 192
Gremlins 2  the new batch Cerror S3M 23Kb 203
grey atari Cerror MOD 6Kb 195
Guideline! Cerror XM 31Kb 196
Gundam, Dunno why! Cerror XM 9Kb 179
happy creator Cerror XM 20Kb 210
Happy mongol! Cerror XM 25Kb 187
heaven_mooncell Cerror XM 11Kb 184
Hero Cerror S3M 21Kb 168
Hieperlief Cerror XM 10Kb 183
I am drunk ;S Cerror XM 7Kb 178
I hate will young! Cerror MOD 6Kb 82
in my chip Cerror XM 69Kb 197
incendie Cerror & Xylo XM 19Kb 142
infinity Cerror & Xylo MOD 11Kb 93
INTRO GAME Cerror MOD 46Kb 191
introcell Cerror XM 61Kb 206
InVaSiOn Cerror IT 1412Kb 178
Irokos dance Cerror MOD 6Kb 80
It's been a while Axel & Cerror XM 3Kb 278
Je suis baguette Cerror & Xylo XM 20Kb 113
Je weet welke! Cerror IT 44Kb 186
Jet stream Cerror & Xylo XM 31Kb 104
JetmaN Cerror & Mexs XM 10Kb 217
Jump Nienke! Cerror XM 14Kb 181
Just a tune Cerror MOD 5Kb 186
king lizard Cerror XM 161Kb 201
klein-01 Cerror MOD 47Kb 204
KnighT RideR------ Cerror XM 136Kb 232
KnightRider Cerror FST 46Kb 206
Kramp Cerror XM 12Kb 201
Kwazy Webbit Hole Cerror & Svenzzon XM 10Kb 430
Land Van Maas&Waal Cerror IT 12Kb 168
loadtune1 Cerror MOD 12Kb 176
loadtune1.other Cerror MOD 11Kb 169
loadtune2 Cerror MOD 8Kb 173
look a like Cerror XM 33Kb 173
losing you Cerror XM 27Kb 184
Luna Cerror XM 3Kb 180
maanvis Cerror XM 12Kb 69
MAIN MENU Cerror MOD 46Kb 177
marco is nuts! Cerror XM 5Kb 192
matrix Cerror XM 4Kb 193
Menuloop Cerror XM 2Kb 181
MEXS WORK!!! Cerror & Mexs XM 35Kb 215
Mexs' candy shop Cerror XM 11Kb 178
MEXS(imum)PULS(ER)! Cerror MOD 3Kb 173
Mmmmm...quiet..... Cerror MOD 3Kb 186
Moebelezap Cerror MOD 6Kb 181
mon coeur Cerror XM 34Kb 176
mooncell co-op Cerror XM 17Kb 189
mooncellion fuxup Cerror MOD 8Kb 209
motocross Cerror XM 8Kb 181
Mr Oizo memix Cerror FST 6Kb 181
must finnish Cerror MOD 5Kb 181
My best Friend Cerror XM 17Kb 184
n-gen#01 Cerror XM 7Kb 176
n-gen#02 Cerror XM 16Kb 205
n-gen#03 Cerror XM 12Kb 298
n-gen#04 Cerror XM 4Kb 189
ne pas Zalza & Cerror & Xylo XM 16Kb 169
Negert Sanne Cerror XM 12Kb 216
ngen racer type tune Cerror MOD 5Kb 207
No inspiration Cerror XM 18Kb 180
nobody&i Cerror XM 10Kb 167
Noise Of Dungeon Cerror XM 18Kb 188
not32k Cerror MOD 10Kb 179
Not4k Cerror MOD 9Kb 169
Not4k.other Cerror MOD 14Kb 164
notice me Cerror XM 19Kb 167
OctaWorld-Intro Cerror XM 7Kb 177
ODE_2_MAKTONE Cerror MOD 4Kb 195
ombres Cerror & Xylo MOD 6Kb 93
one minute hair Cerror XM 5Kb 181
Options-screen Cerror XM 11Kb 174
OUTLINE Cerror MOD 10Kb 186
Outline MC Cerror IT 126Kb 181
permban Cerror XM 5Kb 179
pfannekuchen etc. ;P Bzl & Cerror MOD 7Kb 180
pilgrimage 2004 Cerror XM 47Kb 175
pilgrimage part 2 Cerror IT 114Kb 181
Pinklepop Cerror XM 11Kb 163
Play Cerror MOD 3Kb 163
Polaris's birthday Cerror XM 85Kb 188
polka puke Cerror XM 11Kb 173
poobear Cerror XM 26Kb 177
Poochy Cerror MOD 7Kb 175
Poochy numero 5 Cerror MOD 10Kb 177
Poochy part 2 Cerror MOD 6Kb 185
Poochy_part3 Cerror MOD 6Kb 170
Poochy_part4 Cerror MOD 8Kb 168
Poor Janet Cerror XM 7Kb 175
Psypuls - phonon Cerror XM 7Kb 181
psypulstronix Cerror IT 12Kb 181
PTA Cerror XM 31Kb 74
Puppy Cerror XM 13Kb 213
Rainbow Dash Radix & Cerror & Xylo XM 23Kb 150
RedDwarf-endtheme Cerror XM 25Kb 182
Regret remorse Cerror XM 11Kb 163
respect for the ladi Cerror XM 28Kb 180
Rubix? Cerror IT 13Kb 183
ruine Cerror & Xylo MOD 11Kb 99
secondfinal-demosong Cerror MOD 3Kb 170
second_dmo Cerror MOD 7Kb 164
shakalaka Cerror XM 5Kb 180
SidCops Cerror XM 24Kb 177
sirius Cerror XM 5Kb 68
Slowdance Cerror FST 5Kb 181
small funk Cerror IT 31Kb 77
Smellcat.cats.stink Cerror XM 10Kb 174
something Cerror MOD 4Kb 174
SoniC.advance Cerror IT 74Kb 204
sourire Malmen & Cerror & Xylo XM 30Kb 112
Space Spasm Cerror XM 6Kb 177
Speedball Cerror XM 27Kb 308
Speedball song 1 Cerror XM 27Kb 245
Speedball song 2 Cerror XM 25Kb 227
Speedball song 3 Cerror XM 25Kb 207
Speedball song 4 Cerror XM 25Kb 208
Speedball song 5 Cerror XM 38Kb 208
Sphere   creditz Cerror IT 77Kb 167
Sphere   title Cerror IT 34Kb 162
Spinwheel Cerror XM 9Kb 179
Spring sun Cerror XM 14Kb 171
Stinky! the theme! Cerror MOD 6Kb 172
sufkutsafari Cerror XM 19Kb 175
summerdrag Cerror XM 26Kb 176
svenzzons girlfriend Cerror XM 9Kb 173
Sylar Cerror IT 354Kb 83
synthcrapperoni Cerror XM 72Kb 179
team europe Cerror & Lafarge XM 12Kb 120
team europe.musicdisk Cerror & Lafarge XM 14Kb 93
Tegnow Cerror MOD 5Kb 171
The duck in my pond Cerror MOD 4Kb 176
The ordinary bear Cerror IT 18Kb 161
The Shining Cerror XM 311Kb 175
The Shining no voices Cerror XM 13Kb 185
The unusual Cerror IT 814Kb 171
THIS is crap! Cerror MOD 7Kb 175
titan #02 Cerror XM 11Kb 76
titan_01 Cerror XM 3Kb 77
Title Song Cerror XM 4Kb 173
to the mexs Cerror IT 3Kb 187
Treehugger Cerror XM 12Kb 174
Tribute! Cerror XM 10Kb 178
tuesdays Cerror MOD 7Kb 78
Up And Down Cerror FST 7Kb 180
We just love nectarines Mystra & Cerror XM 28Kb 308
work sucks Cerror MOD 3Kb 195
Wrong end Cerror XM 6Kb 180
Zelda Cerror S3M 31Kb 277
Zwoebelebiep Cerror FST 3Kb 179
[SwedisH BoY] Cerror IT 412Kb 181

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