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Handle: CONS
Real Name: Raphael Ludwig
Lived in: Germany
Ex.Handles: Raxx, C.O.N.S, Droste Valen
Was a member of: Cmc Music Factory, Dibolic Force (D4Z), N-Factor, Onslaught (ONS), Panic, Retire (RTR), Supreme (SPR), Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI)

Modules: 126  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: n/a

.:: 126 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
(Bangboo)sado goredon CONS & Virgill MOD 87Kb 141
10 Pieces of my mind CONS XM 352Kb 182
ac-dc CONS MOD 60Kb 164
Alpha 21 CONS XM 181Kb 190
Bad Yodelers CONS XM 109Kb 176
basket chase CONS MOD 91Kb 171
beat-dis CONS MOD 22Kb 173
black trinity CONS MOD 52Kb 162
blown-out-of-sky CONS MOD 34Kb 159
brain CONS XM 407Kb 164
c&st-dance CONS MOD 171Kb 161
c&st-horny CONS MOD 119Kb 166
c&st-outrotune2 CONS MOD 89Kb 156
clash-em (raxx) CONS MOD 85Kb 165
cmc!-1000 grad....e CONS MOD 15Kb 167
cmc!-1000 newton..d CONS MOD 11Kb 156
cmc!-1000 ohm.....a CONS MOD 12Kb 159
cmc!-1000 volt....b CONS MOD 14Kb 163
cmc!-mystical CONS MOD 133Kb 177
cmc!-ode to anja CONS MOD 3Kb 173
cmc!-panic CONS MOD 18Kb 148
cmc!-rel. desaster CONS MOD 118Kb 185
cmc!-space iii CONS & Crazy Maze MOD 152Kb 228
cmc!-space intro CONS MOD 56Kb 153
cmc!-the journey CONS MOD 114Kb 161
cmovieintro CONS MOD 55Kb 149
cons-a night in l.a CONS XM 108Kb 172
cons-a real life CONS MOD 117Kb 147
cons-dancing foe CONS MOD 45Kb 191
cons-dawn kingdoms CONS MOD 31Kb 165
cons-dreamworld CONS MOD 41Kb 166
cons-get nasty CONS MOD 60Kb 156
cons-good old days CONS MOD 50Kb 176
cons-introtune-04 CONS MOD 10Kb 164
cons-introtune-05 CONS MOD 17Kb 163
cons-introtune-06 CONS MOD 12Kb 172
cons-introtune-07 CONS MOD 16Kb 158
cons-introtune-08 CONS MOD 19Kb 169
cons-introtune-1 CONS XM 11Kb 150
cons-introtune-1 CONS MOD 11Kb 189
cons-introtune-10 CONS MOD 20Kb 195
cons-introtune-11 CONS MOD 14Kb 151
cons-introtune-12 CONS MOD 13Kb 153
cons-introtune-2 CONS MOD 17Kb 199
cons-introtune-3 CONS XM 16Kb 176
cons-introtune-3 CONS MOD 12Kb 160
cons-introtune-8.defective  CONS MOD 19Kb 103
cons-introtune-9 CONS MOD 16Kb 148
cons-keyboardtest CONS MOD 39Kb 153
cons-love spy CONS MOD 78Kb 183
cons-new song CONS MOD 63Kb 164
cons-nightmare CONS MOD 19Kb 154
cons-ode to tori CONS MOD 40Kb 173
cons-razor v1.5 CONS MOD 72Kb 201
cons-smallintro1 CONS MOD 4Kb 182
cons-smallintro2 CONS MOD 3Kb 214
cons-smallintro3 CONS MOD 3Kb 211
cons-smallintro3 CONS XM 4Kb 156
cons-the dark side CONS MOD 18Kb 156
cons-tori s. CONS MOD 90Kb 150
cons-tuesdays 12.30 CONS MOD 77Kb 163
cultivo (raxx) CONS MOD 89Kb 163
culturebagii CONS XM 263Kb 150
d-light CONS XM 157Kb 156
daddy cool CONS XM 548Kb 174
dangerous CONS XM 91Kb 154
dark land CONS XM 210Kb 164
das katzenklo lied CONS MOD 141Kb 165
dedications CONS MOD 67Kb 156
doneth CONS XM 215Kb 160
doomsday CONS XM 229Kb 164
drained CONS XM 263Kb 161
dreams - trance version CONS XM 272Kb 166
electrocuted CONS MOD 71Kb 197
Emergency CONS XM 89Kb 151
evergreen CONS MOD 72Kb 154
extreme justice CONS MOD 32Kb 145
fantasy CONS MOD 32Kb 155
faster than ever CONS MOD 55Kb 150
FastFood CONS XM 176Kb 161
Final Fantasy CONS XM 181Kb 201
Fine Flooding CONS XM 138Kb 164
First time together CONS XM 294Kb 155
fishes ryhmes CONS XM 96Kb 172
Flight in Waterworld CONS XM 107Kb 167
flim-flam-mix CONS MOD 48Kb 164
freedom CONS XM 184Kb 166
funkyfree CONS XM 256Kb 151
go to eat it CONS MOD 172Kb 150
heartbreakhelicopter CONS XM 346Kb 224
I gotta go CONS XM 219Kb 152
i want you CONS XM 583Kb 161
innerprise CONS XM 235Kb 202
insanity - a dream ? CONS MOD 14Kb 160
introtune-03 CONS MOD 11Kb 117
Land of the Hidden CONS XM 262Kb 162
lick it CONS MOD 407Kb 156
little rasta go work CONS XM 266Kb 202
max.overdose CONS MOD 35Kb 165
me ya de Gangsta CONS XM 205Kb 149
mental slavery CONS MOD 64Kb 187
moon 44 CONS XM 110Kb 158
morbid-tower CONS MOD 95Kb 172
Moveon Baby CONS MOD 4Kb 160
mr.pain CONS MOD 60Kb 194
Neutron CONS XM 121Kb 147
Party with me ? CONS XM 431Kb 150
poetic fairway CONS MOD 52Kb 155
Progr. Attack CONS XM 588Kb 152
resistance CONS MOD 111Kb 160
rhythm inc. CONS MOD 139Kb 153
sado goredon CONS & Virgill MOD 84Kb 486
short dick man CONS MOD 367Kb 174
silent runnin' CONS MOD 99Kb 150
stereorap CONS MOD 18Kb 149
tears dont lie CONS MOD 43Kb 171
The AquaNaut CONS XM 576Kb 145
the bedroom CONS MOD 60Kb 146
The Dance CONS MOD 171Kb 152
the dust CONS XM 133Kb 155
The return of Sasha CONS XM 335Kb 212
the sweet home remix CONS MOD 70Kb 160
The Voyager CONS XM 115Kb 160
toxic pleasure CONS MOD 120Kb 182
warehouse CONS XM 149Kb 162
western country CONS XM 212Kb 182

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