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Handle: Counterpoint
Real Name: Matthew McLellan
Lived in: Canada
Ex.Handles: Melf, Matthew Mc Lellan, CTP
Was a member of: Frequency 44, NEBULA, WesTower

Modules: 80  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: n/a

.:: 80 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
Action Counterpoint XM 136Kb 86
Adventure Counterpoint MOD 87Kb 183
an idea Counterpoint MOD 153Kb 165
Antidote Counterpoint MOD 43Kb 78
april93 Counterpoint MOD 254Kb 191
atrocitation Counterpoint MOD 384Kb 178
BloodQuest 1 Counterpoint XM 59Kb 80
BloodQuest 2 Counterpoint XM 77Kb 75
BloodQuest 3 Counterpoint XM 133Kb 74
BloodQuest 4 Counterpoint XM 20Kb 74
Blue Mood Counterpoint XM 931Kb 83
Castle Of Fire Counterpoint XM 88Kb 78
Cavern Counterpoint MOD 89Kb 164
Chrono.Foundations Counterpoint XM 194Kb 86
Chronologic Foundations Counterpoint OSS 207Kb 200
Coma Viritis Counterpoint XM 128Kb 71
Counterpoint V2.0 Counterpoint XM 273Kb 214
Crusader Theme Remix Counterpoint XM 433Kb 88
Crystal Orbit Remix Counterpoint XM 758Kb 196
ctpoint Counterpoint MOD 325Kb 203
darkside Counterpoint MOD 214Kb 162
dipthescum! Counterpoint MOD 136Kb 178
DreamScope II Counterpoint XM 501Kb 79
dreamscope.1 Counterpoint MOD 575Kb 183
dreamscope.2 Counterpoint MED 625Kb 172
effigy Counterpoint MOD 412Kb 177
emotional_storm Counterpoint MOD 276Kb 189
enchilada Counterpoint MOD 78Kb 161
Fantasy Counterpoint MOD 748Kb 217
Flying Fast Counterpoint XM 2025Kb 85
funkysong Counterpoint MOD 115Kb 174
f_o_c.mod Counterpoint MOD 361Kb 169
G_O_T_a Counterpoint MOD 152Kb 166
Helpless Counterpoint XM 273Kb 75
idol Counterpoint MOD 454Kb 176
Intricate Personality Counterpoint OSS 514Kb 203
IntricatePersonality Counterpoint XM 444Kb 77
Jaded Sunset Counterpoint XM 205Kb 80
Jaded Sunset Counterpoint OSS 179Kb 207
Journey to Neptune Counterpoint XM 258Kb 80
lightyear.mod Counterpoint MOD 313Kb 170
Mass Death Bytecrusher & Counterpoint XM 172Kb 83
Mike's Creepy Remix Bytecrusher & Counterpoint XM 189Kb 85
Ninjaguy (Short) Counterpoint XM 175Kb 80
No Money Counterpoint XM 236Kb 74
nymph Counterpoint MOD 285Kb 161
Optic Neutron Counterpoint XM 767Kb 79
prelude Counterpoint MOD 213Kb 166
Rays Of Light Counterpoint XM 3005Kb 101
Rock it up and play Counterpoint MOD 311Kb 183
Seen Somethin' Counterpoint MOD 379Kb 161
Self Destruct Counterpoint XM 624Kb 73
Shadow Empire Counterpoint XM 114Kb 87
shards of atonement Counterpoint MOD 238Kb 158
slurpee mix Counterpoint MOD 500Kb 165
Slurpee Vector Counterpoint MOD 194Kb 70
Snake Dance Counterpoint XM 221Kb 77
Something Counterpoint XM 216Kb 79
Standiing Close Counterpoint MED 632Kb 161
standing close Counterpoint MOD 582Kb 191
Sunday's Samba Counterpoint XM 298Kb 79
Tanx - In Game 1 Counterpoint MOD 354Kb 67
Tanx - In Game 2 Counterpoint MOD 59Kb 65
Tanx - In Game 3 Counterpoint MOD 75Kb 67
Tanx - In Game 4 Counterpoint MOD 339Kb 67
Tanx - Intro Counterpoint MOD 181Kb 68
Tanx - Jungle Intro Counterpoint MOD 137Kb 70
Tanx - Menu Counterpoint MOD 264Kb 68
Tanx - Victory Counterpoint MOD 243Kb 68
Techno Wonders Counterpoint XM 198Kb 75
The Big City Counterpoint MOD 148Kb 166
the dipping Counterpoint MOD 69Kb 156
Tornado Counterpoint MOD 297Kb 177
Unknown Game Intro Counterpoint XM 33Kb 70
Unknown Game Level 1 Counterpoint XM 90Kb 69
Unknown Game Main Counterpoint XM 106Kb 73
Westower Theme I Counterpoint XM 38Kb 76
Westower Theme II Counterpoint XM 96Kb 78
Wizard's Overture Counterpoint XM 79Kb 77
Wizards Overture 2nd Counterpoint XM 12Kb 75

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