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Handle: Croaker
Real Name: Jaakko Iisalo
Lived in: Finland
Ex.Handles: Cröäh, Croah, Cr, Jaska
Was a member of: Halcyon (H!), The Planet of Leather Moomins (TPOLM)

Modules: 57  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: n/a

.:: 57 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
afroinvitaatioyritys1 Croaker S3M 242Kb 28
B 3 ananas Croaker S3M 18Kb 227
blue shoe, cow and man Croaker IT 188Kb 195
cafe la Croaker IT 758Kb 201
close to god Croaker S3M 606Kb 239
delerium Croaker & Optic S3M 18Kb 33
e de een summerbanana? Croaker S3M 17Kb 200
Ellipsoid Croaker MOD 119Kb 194
erilaisia nelikulmioita Croaker S3M 367Kb 179
Error 5000 Croaker S3M 16Kb 24
flowers are you are i am Croaker IT 304Kb 22
Funkyarsenal Croaker XM 106Kb 113
gagga! Croaker S3M 11Kb 30
gyrdh adblah Croaker S3M 157Kb 191
halooo! kuuluuko? Croaker S3M 281Kb 202
hermohairio Croaker S3M 105Kb 172
hilfe am i  (fix +++) Croaker IT 211Kb 174
hm 2 Croaker S3M 3Kb 208
housut Croaker S3M 34Kb 25
hypno2.exe -faktory Croaker S3M 33Kb 68
iha remix Croaker XM 162Kb 200
imee eli sucks Croaker S3M 8Kb 32
in to the dark Croaker S3M 363Kb 198
into the light Croaker S3M 268Kb 178
it's universal Croaker IT 563Kb 188
Joikhu Croaker S3M 60Kb 187
kaapiot Keniassa Croaker XM 310Kb 182
karva Croaker S3M 264Kb 183
kick his ass!  +panfix Croaker IT 504Kb 176
kosmos on tasku Croaker S3M 35Kb 31
let's play an arabi Croaker S3M 13Kb 197
look dad! i can fly! Croaker S3M 11Kb 31
mainiopoks + tiu sek  hops Croaker S3M 11Kb 120
Mulla ei oo porkkanaa! Croaker S3M 104Kb 28
mulla on porkkanaa (hmmm) Croaker S3M 108Kb 175
muumi Croaker S3M 7Kb 185
my foot in my foot Croaker S3M 81Kb 27
nukku Croaker S3M 10Kb 26
omogenic Croaker XM 11Kb 27
our planet of cheese Croaker S3M 16Kb 28
our planet the voice Croaker IT 507Kb 228
Rusinahumppa Croaker S3M 6Kb 184
sausage 1 b Croaker S3M 207Kb 169
Se vilkuilee mua... Croaker S3M 119Kb 183
space arabi Croaker S3M 12Kb 28
Space Potatoes Croaker S3M 13Kb 26
sumute Croaker XM 556Kb 76
tempnis Croaker S3M 6Kb 265
The fast blues Croaker IT 14Kb 202
thE jUnglEbEAt Of fUtUrE Croaker S3M 243Kb 201
TPOLM-AlbertOnE Croaker S3M 10Kb 45
TPOLM-Cyboman4 Croaker S3M 43Kb 25
TPOLM-Technology2 Croaker S3M 37Kb 67
twisted Ogon Croaker S3M 105Kb 188
what happened? Croaker S3M 206Kb 184
yes or no fruit Croaker S3M 16Kb 91
yhdyslinkki 5 b Croaker S3M 249Kb 182

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