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Handle: Cygnes
Real Name: Robin van Nooy
Lived in: The Netherlands
Ex.Handles: CGS
Was a member of: Avalanche, Drastic, Fiction (FCN), Hardcore Power Productions (HPP), Jello (JLO), LOGIC pc (LGC), MASSiVE (MASS), T-Matic

Modules: 38  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: n/a

.:: 38 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
Paradise Cygnes IT 495Kb 25
In the place to be [cgs] Cygnes IT 368Kb 37
A dollop of happyness Cygnes IT 337Kb 37
Renouncement Cygnes IT 311Kb 39
Never say goodbye Cygnes XM 343Kb 43
Halloween-Trick or Treat Cygnes IT 174Kb 44
Red sky Cygnes S3M 374Kb 44
Women Cygnes IT 351Kb 44
The good old days Cygnes MOD 79Kb 48
Mindless Cygnes XM 300Kb 48
Below sea-level Cygnes S3M 180Kb 109
Feeling Depressed Cygnes IT 192Kb 121
Lonesome days Cygnes S3M 23Kb 122
Tech-o-Matic Cygnes IT 99Kb 123
The Schwartz Cygnes S3M 481Kb 125
Time Controller - Final Cygnes IT 174Kb 125
Lovesong -Rmx Cygnes S3M 503Kb 126
Women Cygnes S3M 397Kb 126
Give'em what they want Cygnes S3M 386Kb 126
Drop the gun! Cygnes S3M 496Kb 128
Spiral Dive Cygnes S3M 283Kb 129
Don't Let Go Cygnes IT 1007Kb 129
Link Reset Cygnes XM 167Kb 131
Counting Raindrops Cygnes IT 396Kb 131
Could you just be here Cygnes IT 345Kb 131
As time goes by Cygnes S3M 257Kb 131
Lost in hell Cygnes XM 14Kb 132
United 4ever Cygnes S3M 347Kb 132
Trip 2 Pluto Cygnes S3M 241Kb 133
Ultimate Velocity Cygnes S3M 161Kb 133
rox jor sox Cygnes IT 235Kb 136
Back to Yesterday Cygnes IT 194Kb 136
Dark Places - Cygnes Cygnes S3M 469Kb 139
A dollop of happiness Cygnes IT 337Kb 141
Outer bounds Cygnes S3M 258Kb 145
Arabicum Sound Track Cygnes XM 152Kb 155
Doo What You Wanna Doo Rmx Cygnes & Jape S3M 250Kb 170
Time Controller TT Cygnes IT 82Kb 183

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